Dank Clippings?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by mason215, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. mason215 mason215

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    I just got off the phone with one my friends that deals to me, and he said he had dank clippings. I have no idea what these are, but he said their the leafs from dank. And that it would still get you baked. He said he was giving a handful away for 10 dollars, so im just wondering how legit this is. Has anybody ever heard of this
  2. sterbo sterbo

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    The leaves surrounding the buds are quite potent. The further toward the bottom of the tree you get the less so.
    Back in the day :) we mostly smoked Mexican weed which was one hella lot of leaf.
    We loved getting high then; it just took more of it to get there and was not as stellar as the high THC buds which are so commonplace now.

    Perhaps for a dollar or two your friend will provide you a sample. Let us know what you think...
  3. mason215 mason215

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    Alright ill let you guys know. Ill probably see how good this stuff is tomorrow night too
  4. floating_rascal floating_rascal

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    We always called them tree tops where I grew up. They would always be around when things got dry right before the fall's harvest came out. They did work though. Shorter, buzzier highs.
  5. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    they're great for baking too, and i love grinding the leaves and rolling them up, provides a nice smoke for when your really baked and just need to chill and cheef on something
  6. mason215 mason215

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    Im just wondering if this worth it. I'm 17 and have no job, so i don't have money just laying around
  7. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I get very high quality buds from a grower. They're so sticky that when you roll a joint with them it won't draw. The ground up bud forms a solid mass. I've asked him to save some of the leaves that he trims off the buds when he manicures them so I can have something less sticky to mix in with the ground bud to roll joints. I used to mix in peppermint leaves for the same purpose, but it would be better to have an all-cannabis joint.
  8. mason215 mason215

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    Alright, i just got done smoking around 3 bowls of these leafs. Im pretty high right now, but not too bad. I feel as though if smoked 3 bowls of regs, i would be toasted haha, but whatever. The leafs itself were pretty green, and it was very potent. So i guess the lesson is, don't buy this stuff, unless your entire town is dry. It does get you high, but not that much. Peace

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