DC: Springs Parents Tell Of Son's Pot Smoking, Suicide

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    Springs Parents Tell Of Son's Pot Smoking, Suicide
    M.E. Sprengelmeyer | Rocky Mountain News | 05/04/2005

    WASHINGTON - Ernest Skaggs wore a cowboy hat. His wife, Tanya, wore a bright, turquoise blouse.

    If the Colorado Springs couple looked out of place at a table full of dark power suits Tuesday, it's because they never imagined they'd take center stage for a new White House anti-drug initiative.

    A family tragedy put them there.

    Flanked by President Bush's "drug czar," John P. Walters, the Skaggses faced a bank of television cameras at the National Press Club and spoke about their son Christopher's slide into marijuana use leading up to his suicide last summer.

    "We thought we were doing the right things," Tanya Skaggs said.

    Christopher was a promising football player with plenty of friends. They never knew he used marijuana until he was caught one day smoking behind a school.

    They tried random drug Tests and put their son into counseling. What they had taken for normal, teenage mood swings turned out to be a sign of more serious depression, the parents said.

    On July 13, 2004, Christopher hanged himself at the family's home.

    "We were naive," Tanya Skaggs said. "We really didn't know some of the warning signs."

    Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, asked the Skaggses to tell their story. The purpose was to highlight studies suggesting that those who begin marijuana use at a young age are more likely to end up with serious mental health disorders.

    "This press conference is a public health warning," Walters said.

    A study completed in 2003 found that 42.9 percent of adults had used marijuana at least once - almost half first trying it after they turned 18.

    The rate of serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, was 9 percent for the overall population and 10.5 percent for those who used marijuana. But figures rose sharply for those who first used marijuana at young ages: between ages 15 and 17, 12.2 percent; between ages 12 and 14, 17.4 percent; before age 12, 21 percent.

    The new White House initiative is an attempt to counter a perception that marijuana is not a dangerous drug. Twelve mental health organizations are behind an open letter to parents, "Marijuana and Your Teen's Mental Health," that will start appearing in national news outlets this week.

    Participants in Tuesday's event conceded that the studies only suggest, but don't prove, a cause-and- effect relationship between marijuana use and a rise in mental health problems or suicide.

    They said some people might use marijuana to "self-medicate" for mental illnesses they already have, but believe that others would not have psychiatric problems if they weren't using the drug.

    "I wish I could tell you the Skaggs story is an unusual one, but unfortunately it is not," said Richard Suchinsky, a doctor from the American Psychiatric Association Council on Addiction Psychiatry.

    Ernest Skaggs said parents need to communicate with their kids and look for early signs of drug use or mental health problems.

    "If you have a good instinct about anything, go for it," Skaggs said. "If you have the slightest hint that they might be using marijuana, go for it."

    Tanya Skaggs said she never imagined she would travel to Washington for a White House-sponsored press conference.

    "We just never thought something like this would happen in our family," she said. "But it did."
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    One teenager who smoked pot committed suicide. What does that show, really? Are we supposed to think pot has this effect on anyone, or that it was a causal factor?

    Since when did innuendo become an acceptable way to find "facts" justifying marijuana laws?
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    i know im gonna hear about this from my mom, when she reads it in newsweek or something.
    it will be a good time to set her straight though, looking forward to it.
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    Did any of these "experts" ever acknowledge that a lot of people smoke pot to temporarily escape or cope with the reality around them?

    I'm sure there are a lot of pot smokers, drinkers and others who use and abuse various drugs or substances.....as well as "escape" reality by doing things that make them feel good....whether they are self-destructive or not. These other activities may also include compulsive gambling....which has also been a factor in a few suicides.

    Did these "experts" ever once consider that our society today is so full of flaws, corruption, theft of people's money, identity, etc. and note that a lot of these thieves are the ones entrusted to be honest and use money wisely that American taxpayers continue to LOSE. An overall stagnant economy, low-paying jobs, terror fears, war....UNCERTAINTY......I believe plays a far greater role in cause and effect for serious depression among American youth as well as society in general. It's very easy to be pessimistic in today's society with all that is going on here and on a global scale!

    To make matters WORSE....we have a government that shows very little compassion for its people and is always quick to punish and persecute....rather than effectively TREAT the problems our society face.

    I believe that a LOT of kids today become aware of their surroundings and ALL that goes with it and feel completely defeated from the gitgo. Then the choices are made as how to "live."

    Add to the fact that there has always been such a great pressure placed on their shoulders to be competitive and succeed as well as conform.....these societal pressures can and do contribute to prolonged depression and suicidal tendencies in many people.

    But....let's just keep marijuana as the main cause of these unfortunate events. :redhot:
    Gotta blame something....and God forbid....you cannot ever put any blame on our politicians or corporate America....THEY are always right and they know whats best for ALL of us. It's far easier to blame marijuana and continue the perpetuation of lies and stigmatization associated with its use.

    I guess a LOT of people just don't want to FACE this REALITY! :bawl:
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    SkyTripper. I think you're going a little too far into a "Screw Corporate America" standpoint, and are overlooking a simple situation.

    Let's work backwards from a person, unbeknown to this kid's previous situation, as if we had just heard of the suicide...

    So a kid killed himself on Earth. Happens all the time, has happened millions of times before, will happen millions of times again. He lives in America, alright add some public outcry and sadness that a child of the Nation died. Add to that the fact he was young, in high school, and played football. Alright, so he was social, athletic, even more outcry. People get pissed off, and want to know immediately what happened. Well, 100% of the world will never know what happened in the moments from his life leading up to his death. His parents might possibly know more than most, and we don't get to hear from friends, so let's go with the parents interpretation.

    His parents are in shock, cannot believe their son died, as they should be. There's so much we as humans need to know, or make up, to alleviate our emotions, so they look for what happened. Instantly (most likely), the parents found out that he did Marijuana. This for most parents is a huge shock, as most people are terrified of drug usage, especially for kids. The parents are already going through so much with his death, they go for a likely target. They may know things like his girlfriend dumped him, or he got bad grades, but these things hold no blame. You can't get blame to stick on life's inevitabilities. So they finally choose Marijuana as the scapegoat, and end up dedicating part of their lives to informing people of the harm of Marijuana. This serves two-fold, not only to bash what they think killed their son, but also to get their son's story out to the public, as most families with lost children are just pleading to let their child's story be heard. So they end up running some parade on Marijuana, they get help from doctors/organizations that partly support their cause OR they may only slightly support a Marijuana bashing, but are compelled by the parents and the story to increase the heat.

    So what we end up with is more of a pro-longing of a child's sad death rather than any educational information about Marijuana and its ill effects. It's really aggrevating to have another anti-Marijuana claim, but it's isolated, and more emotion than information.

    I simply pass these kind of stories on as sad reminders of the sadness and shortness of life, but you cannot allow emotion to wipe over knowledge and must continue living with what you know to be true.

    Don't judge based on the judgemental.
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    A discussion elsewhere on the net about this topic. No sense repeating everything stated and gathered there, many of us know all about herb, but the link is provided as kind of peak out the people outside this community.

    I'll repeat a bit of the info though to arm you with:
    8,700,000 American children under the age of 18 are on anti-depressants.
    Some info from the American Psychiatry Association

    1. 20 percent of the ailments for which Americans seek a doctor's care are related to anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks, that interfere with their ability to live normal lives.
    2. Some 8 million to 14 million Americans suffer from depression each year. As many as one in five Americans will suffer at least one episode of major depression during their lifetimes.
    3. About 12 million children under 18 suffer from mental disorders such as autism, depression and hyperactivity.
    4. Two million Americans suffer from schizophrenic disorders and 300,000 new cases occur each year.
    5. 15.4 million American adults and 4.6 million adolescents experience serious alcohol-related problems, and another 12.5 million suffer from drug abuse or dependence.
    6. Nearly one-fourth of the elderly who are labeled as senile actually suffer some form of mental illness that can be effectively treated.
    7. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24.

    Woman have double the risk of mental illness of men, and double the instances of suicide. Apparently its physiologicalically linked to estrogen.
    As reported on Medicalnews.com
    Stress kills and makes people crazy and physically sick, cannabis reduces stress, but they don't mention this. The link I gave at the start of this post has some info about stress and disease.

    Note that the Drug Czar and their press release didn't mention any of this.
    Their "Data" comes from some 'household survey".
    Ok who here has ever taken a government survey about cannabis?
    15 years of enjoying the sacred herb and I've never seen this survey.

    Also please note that Sunday is the re-occurance of the world wide legalization rallies: Million Marijuana March

    The government has an agenda for making these annoucements now, to get sensationalist and non scientific propaganda into the media, which gladly repeats it without any fact checking.

    Then the media ignores the Million Marijuana March every single year.
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    Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, asked the Skaggses to tell their story. The purpose was to highlight studies suggesting that those who begin marijuana use at a young age are more likely to end up with serious mental health disorders.

    Maybe someone else wrote in their posts what i'm going to say, i'm not sure cause i didn't read all of them but if anything marijuana was used in the 1700s to treat depression.

    Now in today's society, if someone is depressed and uses marijuana, they blame the pot for the depression. I'm sorry the kid killed himself but you can't blame marijuana for it. I bet this kid had mental problems/depression before using marijuana and if anything went to the marijuana to try and deal with his problem like some people go to alcohol to try and deal with their problems.

    The kid ends up killing himself so they say "YUP marijuana made my son depressed and commit suicide"! John Walters has a one track mind as it is and hes a drug czar, like a drug czar is going to ever defend marijuana!

    "We were naive," Tanya Skaggs said. "We really didn't know some of the warning signs."

    That's right, whenever someone smokes marijuana it means they are depressed and plan on killing themself :rolleyes: I'm bein sarcastic, i have sympathy for the parents but they are going by the b/s Walters tells them.

    My sisters smoked more marijuana than i have, shes been smoking for over 6 years, maybe not everyday but she isn't depressed. I've been smoking on and off for about 5 years and am fine.

    Ernest Skaggs said parents need to communicate with their kids and look for early signs of drug use or mental health problems.

    Yea look for early signs of marijuana use, like some of these as*holes who are in power of our country didn't smoke the stuff when they were younger!

    I'm 21 years of age, but even before then my parents knew i was using pot, my mom didn't like it too much but my father knew it didn't change who i am and he used to smoke it too. Much like me, he doesn't believe the propaganda about it, sometimes my mom will hear something and try and warn me about it, then i just tell my views of it and it's hard to argue with me about it haha.

    In fact she told me how she read about it causing depression, then i told her exactly what i said in my paragraph above about how some people just happen to be depressed before smoking it, go out and kill themself, then they blame the pot. That pretty much stopped her for sayin anything more.

    My father smoked it for over 20 years but not everyday but don't you think if marijuana caused depression and serious mental problems he would have commited suicide by now? Oh that's right, Walters would just say well the pot of today is stronger, which is also bullsh*t. It's not everyday we hear of a teenager who was a user of marijuana killing themself. Back when i was in High School a few years ago, i would say about 85% percent of the people there smoked pot, no suicides.

    Participants in Tuesday's event conceded that the studies only suggest, but don't prove, a cause-and- effect relationship between marijuana use and a rise in mental health problems or suicide.

    I take it these participants have a brain.

    They said some people might use marijuana to "self-medicate" for mental illnesses they already have, but believe that others would not have psychiatric problems if they weren't using the drug.

    I like how they make marijuana out to be a lose control of yourself drug. They make it sound like it would do things to you that crack/cocaine would do to someone.

    How about alcohol, people wanna drink their problems away, but one person complaining doesn't keep it banned! With marijuana, it just takes one person to complain sayin well my son used it and killed himself, OMG IT MUST NEVER BE LEGAL!

    Again i have sympathy for the parents but John Walters is a big instigator, people will always believe him, not everyone will but some people will. I guess you can say this is using fear, the parents had a kid who used marijuana and killed himself, even though it's just one recent case, now they take this story and try and shake up the rest of the parents with fear. I guess you can't really blame the parents, if they never used marijuana they more than likely will go by what they hear. I mean they probably don't wanna believe their kid just had psycological problems, theres gotta be a reason for it, it must have been the pot!

    How about these pharmacutical drugs they give to people to treat depression, if the person is on them and kills themself anyway are they going to blame that drug? I doubt it, they would find another reason, but you can bet they would never blame a FDA approved drug for the person getting worse. If pot were legal it probably wouldn't have even been a issue, they would try and think of something else to blame i bet.
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    Any drug can lead to suicide

    I will first start by saying am in agreement with all the previous postings on this recent story. I too believe that mental conditions have more to do with genetics and other personal problems within someones environment than the conection with marijuanna. I also feel that some of this may have some truth within it. Everyone with mental conditions are asked to seek professional help when the drug prescribed such as anti-psycotics leads to severe depression and thoughts of suicide. These are powerful drugs used to treat all forms of mental problems and they still lead to suicide yet the FDA doesnt pull these drugs. Why? Well thats easy because all of the test subjects were already diagnosed with some mental conditition. So isnt it fair to say that the 12.5%+ of marijuana users with mental conditions may have had these conditions before the use of the drug. It is a fact that there are too many things we dont understand in science and medicine that lead to false beliefs.

    If you are planning a study lets try to look at things unbiased or we will never get "THE REAL TRUTH" about marijuana.

    BTW: I didnt hear the doc say anything about where on the list marijuana is on the list of preventable death. But keep smoking those cigarettes, make sure you eat lots of McDonalds, and wash it down with a couple shots of vodka cuz they dont care if you die from that!
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    I also want to add that when i say that they used marijuana in the 1700s to treat depression, as well as now people who are depressed smoke marijuana, has it ever occured to these people that they smoke marijuana to feel better. I know when i smoke i could careless about some things which is actually good, cause like someone said, it reduces stress. Theres nothin like smoking a joint before going to sleep while listening to a favorite cd, to me it's relaxing.

    If the person has a depression problem, it's not hard to figure out that once the pot wears off they are back feeling the same before they smoked it. In fact a few years ago at a assembly at my school, this one kid got up on stage, talked about how he used to have certain problems involving stress or fitting in, i'm pretty sure he said he had other problems too but it was so long ago i can't really remember everything he said. He did say he started smoking pot to deal with his problems, he ended up stopping that though because it still doesn't do anything, the problem is still there after. I bet that's exactly why this kid smoked it too, to help with his problem.

    Obviously if you have depressing thoughts all the time which could be created because of your problems, it lowers your self esteem. As for marijuana, when people smoke it, not talkin about people getting anxiety, not everyone who uses pot does, the ones who smoke it and like it cause it makes them happy, that's raising their level of feeling good, it's considered a mind altering drug, so if it makes you feel good and stress free, that can't be a bad thing.

    One year my father became really sick in just minutes when his stocks dropped, luckily it went back up but he didn't feel good for a few days until it did. Doesn't take much for a completely healthy person to just almost have a heart attack or become very depressed over a situation. He was just eating soup for those few days.

    It's just my opinion though, i don't encourage people to use marijuana if they are depressed, they should just seek help, but if they see a psychiatrist and kill themself anyway i doubt they get blamed or sued for it. It really is unfair to blame pot, Walters is just thinkin about his paycheck, "yes, i got somethin new to say to the public"!

    Since when does this country care about anyone, like what someone said, it's alright to go out and smoke cigarettes and die or eat fast food and get fat and die. People even go to a cigarette when they get stressed out and that's a drug. I don't smoke tobacco, just pot but i always hear my friends when they get stressed out about somethin, "I NEED A CIGARETTE"!

    The pharmacys have pills for depression, they don't want people using marijuana.

    Look at Enron, that incident got plenty of people depressed. Before that incident how many of the people there said i'm gonna go out and commit suicide? Soon as they lost everything a few did just that and i'm sure those people had plenty of friends too.

    Christopher was a promising football player with plenty of friends.

    It might be a shock to them because he had friends but what does that have to do with it? I watched a interview on tv, this kid was a popular football player too with lots of friends, told some of his friends about how he would just like to drive his truck over a cliff. He was having some problems, but he had a lot of friends too, he ended up driving his truck over a cliff, ended up surviving because he was found, his friends figured they would know where to look thinkin he went out to commit suicide. I think he was under pressure with college and other things. I don't remember if this one used marijuana or not but either way that really doesn't matter, fact is if people have problems and don't talk about it, who knows what they will do. I refuse to believe pot makes anyone want to kill themself. Unlike drinking, i've never seen anyone become unstable from smoking pot and go into a rage.

    "We thought we were doing the right things," Tanya Skaggs said.

    It might be hard to convince them, but if they were good parents then they probably did do everything right, but every person is different, everyone has their problems, everyone has their own thinking. Their son used pot, when parents kids go out of the house they have no watch over what they do. If someone has a best friend that drinks or uses pot, not sayin it will be a influence, but it could. People make their own choice/decision, someone sees someone smoke a joint and still be fine, even if it's seein about 5 or 10 people smoking it and bein fine, that would tell me that i'm probably still going to be alive after takin a hit. I have friends whos parents are good people but more than likely just some of them are against usin pot, but their kids go out and do it anyway. It's that way with a lot of people.

    quote:They may know things like his girlfriend dumped him, or he got bad grades, but these things hold no blame. You can't get blame to stick on life's inevitabilities. So they finally choose Marijuana as the scapegoat, and end up dedicating part of their lives to informing people of the harm of Marijuana.

    I agree with what you said. Maybe he had pressure from his parents about grades, or maybe his g/f did dump him, maybe he made a mistake in a big football game costing his team a trophy or somethin. Maybe he wasn't getting a scholorship toward a good college, theres a lot of possibilities, marijuana really is a scapegoat. It just pisses me off that none of us could go on tv and argue this against the bad things they say about it. Again i have sypmathy toward the parents but i think by the time any of us got done saying our views about it, it would have a lot of people thinkin, maybe even the parents. Like i said above about the other kid who was on a football team who tried to kill himself, he said something to friends, but they kept that from the parents. They didn't think he was going to do it though. If this kid did say something to one of his friends, i bet they feel pretty guilty about it and are too scared to say somethin to the parents because now it's too late to do anything about it.

    All this is just my opinion, i'm not a doctor, psychiatrist, or anyone else in a medical field, i'm just a 21 year old, so what do i know, probably not that much but i do know that theres a lot of b/s that gets said when drug czars, politicians talk about pot.
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    I buy this. Schizophrenia has a strong genetic base. I don't think that THC can turn on schizophrenia genes that would otherwise remain silent.
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    King Cola: Your post is actually quite accurate in my opinion.

    I too have been treated for depression and was also mis-diagnosed.
    It is very easy to slip into deep depression over any form of sudden event whether or not it was a self-created one or not.

    Unfortunately for me, I ended up seriously ABUSING alcohol for many years and made my own depression far worse because of my mistakes that were a direct result of excessive and self-destructive drinking.

    I have to admit though that marijuana temporarily relieved a lot of my stress and depression....but unfortunately, my depression and regrets were further "forgotten" by drinking heavily thus setting myself up for further depression by poor judgment due to being very intoxicated. I got into a lot of trouble as a direct result of my stupidity and binge drinking......NEVER ONCE did I get into ANY trouble for smoking marijuana....exclusively!

    I have smoked pot for the better part of 25 years and drank way too much in that time frame as well. Only in the past few years have I greatly reduced my drinking and more recently STOPPED drinking altogether. I also haven't smoked very much in the past 2 or 3 years but I KNOW I WILL NEVER have anything AGAINST the use of marijuana as long as I shall live! I only wish that I had been smart enough to stick with it....exclusively and NOT let alcohol do what it did to me!

    Marijuana should DEFINITELY be a LEGAL alternative to the millions who desire to temporarily relax, relieve stress, worry and who wish NOT to drink because drinking definitely compounds the problem and contributes to depression in a very big way.....as well as creates MORE of it through the many problems that go along with such poor judgment, blackouts, regret and guilt. NONE of which have EVER been associated with ANY marijuana smoking I EVER did.....and I smoked a LOT too. I just felt I "needed" something more.....something so readily available anywhere I went or lived....cheap and socially acceptable as well as LEGAL. Problem was.....alcohol IS a "hard" drug to people like myself and I let it wreck my life. I am still trying to repair the damage I did because of my drinking habits.

    No.....I don't think they should ban alcohol again either just because I cannot handle it and know when to say when. I finally accept that I CANNOT drink at all and am finally ok with that. I juat wish that marijuana were as socially acceptable and one could smoke anywhere or in pot bars or whatever...LEGALLY and there would finally be a sweet alternative for those of us who cannot drink but would LOVE to "socialize" with this far more benign substance of Mother Nature. They cannot EVER compare the effects of pot to alcohol because alcohol can truly kick you in the ass and WRECK your life so bad if you let it. I just do NOT believe this to be true with marijuana exclusively.....as I speak from many years of personal experience.
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    Isn't it strange that these parents have taken no personal repsonsibility for their son's death?

    But gosh gee they are so proud to be DC, just look at dad's hat and mom's blouse -- the folks back home will be so proud!


    Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?
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    Just wanted to add that pharmacies also sell tobacco cigarettes for any purpose the user wants to use it for.

    IS there any research on why tobacco and not marijuana or other legal smoking herbs are allowed to be sold in pharmacies?
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    Pretty much sums up my life....

    Skytripper, excellent story! Excellent I mean in the way that you have realized your problems and found the culprit to the problems. I too have had my share of troubles with alcohol. Alcohol makes you arrogant and idiotic and also gives you a false sense of invincibility, I mean I could go on for days about the effects of alcoholism on everyday life. I think these are the positive stories that need to come out in the media mainstream. How marijuana helped lead me from my depression and addiction to alcohol. Skytripper mentioned a "need for something more in life" and I hear exactly what he is saying. Once alcohol has become a problem for you the only realistic way out for me was to replace it with something that would allow me to go on with my normal everyday life but still have a feeling of happiness that I couldnt really achieve walking the straight and narrow as they say. I have made it a mission in life to bring others that are struggling with alcohol addiction into a SAFER lifestyle choice the good old fashioned MAGIC HERB!

    "Smoke two joints in the morning, smoke two joints at night, smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright!"
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    Sky Tripper, that was a really good story, it's good to see someone who realized their problems. Not to put anyone here down but if you ask me, i think all psychiatrists do is just try and get people to think back and realize what's the culprit to their problems as well as just open up about what's boterhing them. It seems like it's just about willpower which you seem to have and solved the problem yourself, good job.

    IS there any research on why tobacco and not marijuana or other legal smoking herbs are allowed to be sold in pharmacies?

    Ok i'm not trying to go off topic but i will answer that question with my opinion.

    Again i'm only 21 but i have also looked into things about the FDA. They are against anything natural, if something natural can be used to prevent or cure a disease, the FDA says no it can't because it's not a drug! Unless it's labled and marketed as a drug, the FDA will say that natural things aren't cures. They have even raided places that sell natural cures. They actually carry guns, they go in and raid places that sell natural cures, but only if they claim it can prevent or cure a disease. As for the tobacco, it has no medical use but because it's a drug, i'm assuming that is why it is allowed to be sold in a pharmacy.

    Supposedly that is also why they now call more things diseases today instead of a disorder, obesity used to be called a disorder, is now a disease, acid reflux is no longer considered a disorder, it's now a disease, they do this because this way they elimate natural remmedies from being used, the people then go to the pharmacy for the drug that they sell for the problem. I think one thing we all notice though, they never have a cure for a disease, just a pill to control it. Supposedly there are natural remmedies out there that can cure or prevent a disease, but if anyone says this remmedy can do this or that for your disease the FDA threatens to put people in jail for making that statement. They are even trying to get all vitamins and minerals labled as drugs, in other words even orange juice would be considered a drug because there were claims being made that it prevents cancer. They just want to control it and make some money. Could you imagine going to a pharmacy just to buy orange juice? :laugh: In fact there used to be a commercial saying florida orange juice prevents it but i never see that commercial on anymore, strange :rolleyes:

    As for these places that get raided for selling natural remmedies, they are left alone as long as they don't say what the remmedy does for you. If it's to treat a disorder they can say yea this remmedy will cure/prevent such and such a disorder, but if it's for a disease, they can no longer say that. Not only do they raid places if they do, but they throw the people in jail, confiscate all the natural remmedies, and then also charge the people for selling a drug without a license and also charge them for selling a un marketed drug. Even just to get a drug marketed, it costs millions and millions of dollars.

    I listend to some guy on tv talk about this, i'm only saying what hes mentioned or what i read myself. I also visited natural remmedies websites that are put online from other countries and they talk of the FDA in our country and what goes on. Yea it is corporate america. If they have a cure for something there goes the residual income the drug companies make, by not curing something but just always producing a drug to control a disease but not cure it, they make millions, if not billions of dollars, now if they released a cure, it would be a one time thing and they wouldn't make as much money if the people were cured.

    Now as for marijuana, it's labled a drug, but an illegal one, but that's probably why the FDA doesn't step in, it's labled a drug so people don't go to jail for making claims about it curing or preventing something. If something isn't labled a drug and just a natural cure, if anyone makes a claim that it can cure/prevent a disease, even if it's just opinion, they threaten to put the people in jail for it and supposedly have. Also, supposedly natural remmedies are a lot safer than drugs you get in a pharmacy, for the reason, they are natural, but they also say you talk to a physician first and not treat anything on your own. At one of the sites they claim cancer is just a political disease, if they do have a cure then it obviously would be a political one, they always ask for donations! My father talked to someone whos brother works for a drug company and had claimed they do have a cure for it, then i even talked to someone myself who works for one and they just talked to me about it, i didn't have to say anything, they just said the same exact thing, could be a big coincidence but i'll tell ya one thing, either way i was still shocked. They just said it's all about residual income.

    Back to the depression talk, pharmacys rather have people buy pills for that than use marijuana, again they don't know how to regulate marijuana and they probably figure, why should we, we have pills for a lot of things that people use marijuana for. Like on Montel, i forgot what the womans name was on his show but she kept sayin, well theres pills in labs we have.

    It's all about kissing the drug companies asses, nevermind the peoples lives that are at stake, nevermind what works best for the sick!

    Theres probably not 1 commercial on any channel we watch anymore that doesn't show atleast 1 drug being advertised.

    As i say this, theres a drug commerical on now about people being over weight, weight control drug. The people don't need diet pills/drugs, they just need to know what is good to eat and excercise. Sometimes they get done talking about diets and then throw on fast food commercials. Have basketball players saying they eat this and that everyday and stay thin, that's b/s too, just watch the movie documentary "SUPER SIZE ME" :rolleyes:

    If this country gave a damn about the people who use marijuana for the purposes they use it for it would be legalized for them. It really is just corporate america, money rules over peoples lives.

    Godforbid if pot were legal or just legal for medical use, people would grow it themselves anyway, it's all about the money, all about control.

    Alcohol has no medical value, neither does tobacco, probably why they are legal.

    As of now i'm not sick, thankgod for that, i do suffer acid reflex though, but i ever come down with arthritis or anything else that marijuana works good for, you can bet your ass i won't give these pharmacuticals the satisfactory and just stick with pot or anything else that's natural.

    Everything i said is just my opinion and i'm really young so i guess i might still have a lot to learn so who knows if any of what i said is even accurate, i only wrote about what i heard or read, i also have a book i bought that talks of natural cures, the guy who wrote it couldn't even come out and say what to use for this or that because hes one of the people they threatend to lock up if he did say anything specific. He was also the same guy who was interviewed on tv as i mentioned earlier in my paragraph. Anyway maybe this could explain your question or even clear up some things about it.
  16. didorusso didorusso

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    I can't add much to this thread except that MJ works as an antidepressant for me. Question for king cola: would you consider purified THC sold by a pharmaceutical (in tablets, syrup, etc.) as a natural remedy or as a drug?
  17. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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    Of course they didn't. Typical human response, diverting away responsiblity. More noticeable among the baby boomers, which I assume they are. Not to mention the fact that they gave random drug tests to the kid, it sounds like things weren't fine and dandy at home either.
  18. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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    A drug, because it's just purified (I guess you mean synthetic) THC, just like Marinol. It lacks the other components of a natural plant.
  19. teufelfisch teufelfisch

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    Marijuana can trigger schizophrenia if you're already predisposed to it.

    In this case, marijuana is just a scapegoat. Instead of preaching to the choir about how this one instance proves nothing, let's find ten more instances of how marijuana is beneficial in so many ways.

    Schizophrenics say that even though marijuana use increases the frequency of their psychotic episodes, it reduces the intensity and makes it so they can better cope with their problems.

    The active components of marijuana, such as THC, have been shown to reduce tumor size. Certain derivatives of the components are even more potent at fighting cancer.
  20. didorusso didorusso

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    purified=extracted to purity
    synthetic=produced artificially

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