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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by rich420, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. rich420 rich420

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    My girlfriend showed me this pipe her dad made many many years ago. Couldn't guess what it was by looking at it, but then she told me her dad made it from deer antler. I thought how fucking awesome that is to be smoking from deer antlers. My girlfriend told me that this pipe has been around since the 70's. Pretty incredible.

    Now I don't know how it was made or anything, doesn't look to complicated though.

    Hope I didn't misguide anyone thinking this was going to be like a whole huge deer antler made into a huge pipe. Im assuming these are just pieces cut from the antler. I haven't asked her dad about the pipe and how it was made, but when I get around to that i'll come and throw the details in this thread. I'm starting to ramble so here is the pics.


    The bottom of it feels soooo smooth.
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  2. t0ke n' ch0ke t0ke n' ch0ke

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    That is pretty sick dude. Especially since its been around since the 70's. Did she give it to you or just show you? Can you guys smoke it?
  3. phish311420 phish311420

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    my dad also had one, only it was one solid antler piece. yours looks like it was assembled from antlers...still cool=)
  4. rich420 rich420

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    Our piece broke so we were using the bong daily, then that broke. So now we use this antler pipe daily.

    I think were going to scrape it for resin soon. It hasn't been scraped ever. Not sure if it has been cleaned ever either, if not theres resin from the 70's in that thing, haha.
  5. Rocketman Rocketman

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    That's pretty sick man, very nice!
  6. TriniWeedMan TriniWeedMan

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    thats an awesome thought ur so lucky dude:hail:
  7. p0th3d p0th3d

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    haha could have yourself some retro weed haha...wouldnt mind a taste of that shit haha..
    and the pipe looks awsome dude...deer antler would make a pretty cool pipe
  8. Led_Head1991 Led_Head1991

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    That is fucking sweet!

    I wish I had one just like that
  9. DrLove3125 DrLove3125

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    Dude that's what's up
  10. Csharp Csharp

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    i don't think i could smoke from that thing lol.
  11. SleepyJohn SleepyJohn

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    Deer Me, that pipe kinda makes Me horny. Anything 70 years old is good enough to be use with marijuana. Pretty things to see when stoned and without ,and need something to talk about.
  12. 420Raver<3 420Raver<3

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    Sick idea
  13. 1956 1956

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    This is my 1971 deer antler pipe

    I've had this deer antler pipe since 1971. Still works just fine.:cool:

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  14. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    Thats so tight! Awsome find!

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    love em...

    I have a couple antler pipes, and made a few for some people. I love em. They have a sweeter taste when u smoke out of em, I cant explain the flavor. Reminds me of the hunt...
  16. Dsal Dsal

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    dude I found where you can get deer antler pipes like this one! They are actually kinda better on this site and there is a variety of styles. check it out. its badass!
  17. PolishPablo PolishPablo

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    I watched a video on youtube on how to make a deer antler pipe. As a hunter, this is one thing I want to try and make.

    Gotta pop the buck first though. Haha
  18. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    I have made one before..The key is not to torch the shit out of it.Or it will taste really funky..You can burn antlers, so don't torch the hell out of it..If you have hunter buddies, they will really like the antler pipe..Goodluck..
  19. h.t.tillman h.t.tillman

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    Thanks for the idea because I have a bunch of antlers laying around doing nothing and I would have never thought to use a deer antler to make a pipe.
  20. Wattmiser Wattmiser

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    Ok boys when making a deer horn pipe it needs to be a couple years old to cure the morrow inside, The morrow tastes nasty smoked or cooked so don't let the butcher saw you steaks..back to the pipes a hardened deer horn pipe will last a long long time, Mine is over thirty years old. I really like my wood pipe though, it's awesome I'll try to post a photo for you guys.

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