diarrhea from smoking?!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by grown@bermuda82, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. grown@bermuda82 grown@bermuda82

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    i got a question for my fellow 'tokers'. Lately after smoking I have to use the bathroom more than usual. Not jus #1, but #2 more than usual. Its making me wanna quit! Help, anyone!

  2. Richi Richi

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    Never heard of that. Could be psychological, or could be tied in to another problem. Maybe also your eating habits or diet, related to marijuana use and the "munchies". I would suggest to ask a doctor, or wait maybe someone else on these forums has an idea.
  3. nerphroll nerphroll

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    That is unusual. How long have you been smoking? Is it related to something new you're eating while high? Is it happening when you don't smoke?

    Marijuana preferentially activates the sympathetic over the parasympathetic nervous system, meaning if anything it would tend to make you have to urinate and defecate less when high.

    See where this goes. Keep a diarrhea log. (As in a journal, not an actual log of diarrhea. Though I guess diarrhea doesn't really come in logs, otherwise it wouldn't be diarrhea.)

  4. Awesomeness Awesomeness

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    that happens to my buddy

    My friend has that, as far as diarehha goes. I don't know if he has to pee more often or what. I was told by a veteran smoker that sometimes it can relax the bowels because it's a depressant or something like that. I don't know much about medical things. But I know it's something that has just started with him recently, like in the last few years.

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