Different Types Of Weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by PuffPuffPass420, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. PuffPuffPass420 PuffPuffPass420

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    So I just recently started smoking, and I guess there are different types of weed like "King Kush" & "Dro" & "Mids" can some please tell me the different kinds, & how strong they are.
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  2. Guru Guru

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    All you need to know is this;

    Shwag: dirty stuff, not much money = not much high

    Mids: lower quality, lower price = less stoned

    dank, Dro, KB, Chronic etc: strong smell, high price, high quality, = more stoned

    You may want to read up a little mroe though so you know what you've got and what your paying for.
  3. GNRReunioneventually GNRReunioneventually

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    if you got the money look for Sour Diesel.

    That is the ABSOLUTE BEST SHIT THERE IS in my book. the day i find something better i will rejoice to the heavens.

    just beware, if you don't want an area in your house or vehicle smellin' like that shit for a long ass time don't even open up the bag. i went to a friends grandmothers hosue when she was outa town and he was watching it and it was his b-day and about 6 or 7 or us got together. i get there and he wants a taste, so i open the bag up, i just open it. He said the house smelled like that for days and had to really struggle to get the smell out.

  4. Stoner Princess Stoner Princess

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    If you're into flavour, there are many types that have it.. Strawberry kush for example. (personal favorite, save for blueberry).
  5. GNRReunioneventually GNRReunioneventually

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    speaking of shit thats flavored, my friend was telling me of this cronic that tasted like cheese :D. any one hear of it?
  6. thaboz thaboz

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    Dude I believe you about the cheese weed because Ive had weed that tasted like butterscotch
  7. GNRReunioneventually GNRReunioneventually

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    lol i wonder what the tastiest shit really is? like everything we've ever had you know theres always something better.

    its up to all of us to explore
  8. CassidyLeigh CassidyLeigh

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    I had some mint flavoured shit, ya know how mint stuff makes your mouth feeel cold? Well I could get so much of that stuff in at once really deep

    Wish I has more it was greatttt :hail:haha
  9. liljonx92 liljonx92

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    theres are 100s of types but the best kinds are highs, try to stay away from low and mids
  10. newpotmoker newpotmoker

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    blueberry is my fav with northernlights right behind then sour D
  11. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    remember that names don't mean anything, you should judge the bud before you get told a name.

    Strains are bred by growers, but unless you are buying direct from the grower you can't be sure that it legitimately is the specified strain.

    Dank, mids, regs and shwag are the four grades of bud, shwag being lowest quality and dank being the best.

    Dro means hydroponically grown, it doesn't mean the quality is any better but theres debate over whether more potent bud can be grown in soil or in hydroponics.

    personally I don't even bother with names, Quality the first factor I judge followed by price. If the price seems right then I make my purchase.
  12. Moneymaker Moneymaker

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    man yall are so lucky. yall get all these different kinds and shit. i dont even know the name of the shit i get. and neither does the person i get it from. i want to get some dank ass shit but idk anyone around me that has some.
  13. 024 024

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    Skunk is my favorite (most popular in Sydney aswell).
  14. NCisBlaZed NCisBlaZed

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    You want to go ahead and get the best quality you can, that may only be mids for you at this point, but you never know.

    Go to the strains and definitions section to look at the DANK stuff, thats what dank should look like.

    Mids: is nice and green, not too many seeds, smokes decently and is usually a pretty decent high. Middle of the road shit

    Regs/Reggie: is the #3 worst pot ever, It's usually very seedy and has many stems. Takes a lot to get you high, and sometimes gives you a headache.

    Schwag: Dirt.
  15. BayAreaMML BayAreaMML

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    take every single name with a grain of salt unless you are 110% sure that the person that you are buying from has verifiable genetics. most delares will play their cannabis up by saying its "dro" (which is slang for hydroponics, which is actually a grow method not any indication of potency), or "purp" (which just means that the plant was exposed to cold temps while growing), or "kush" (which most sellers around here use to efine any high end sativa dominant strain) it's actually really frustrating / sad how it has come to that. i hate it. i know my dealer personally we both are medical patients and grow under sb 420 / prop 215 so i know the genetics are true. but honestly as Buds_of_Steele said, tell your dealer not to even give you a name, look at the selection, make your choice, and THEN ask for the name. that way you know you aren't getting a played up strain.

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