do you look like a pothead

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by girlieee, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. girlieee girlieee

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    it seems like every time i find out someone smokes weed, im like "yeah they look like someone who smokes weed"

    but everyone who finds out i smoke is completely shocked...i look like the "good kid" type who gets good grades in school and is the stereotypical white person....

    are others surprised when they find out you smoke??
  2. peace n love peace n love

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    Most people aren't surprised that I smoke. I live in a pretty small community and used to have hair halfway down my back. Have a shaved head now but I guess I still have that look.
  3. TheDankSideOfTheMoon TheDankSideOfTheMoon

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    I guess i do some people say i look like a stoner and everyone always thinks im stoned cause if im in a good mood and relaxed i can be really chill but i know alot of people that dont look like they toke that do and people that look like a stoner that toke it just depends but at the end of the day stoners seem to be pretty common so it could be anyone
  4. Train2Bangkok Train2Bangkok

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    I've been told by some younger folks that I look like I could be a cop...and, quite frankly, I like it that way. My appearance has gotten me outta trouble on more than one occasion. :cool:
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  5. Berryjuana Berryjuana

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    haha most people are surprised that I smoke. I'm five foot even, and I'm just a little white girl with blond hair and sugar pink bangs. Everyone says I look really innocent lol. My friends know otherwise though. xD
  6. SpiralSpindle SpiralSpindle

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    People walk up to me and ask if I know where the good bud is. Hah. Long hair, tie dye, and a kind soul will get ya...
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  7. Blazed Wolf Blazed Wolf

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    i remember before i smoked and people wpould as me if i did and they were like really?!? no way you totally look like you would, at least now i fill it out :D
  8. stoneygreenbud stoneygreenbud

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    that sounds alot like me, i'm the clean cut looking guy, and most of the time I am stoned, so I always look this way,

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  9. nowlight nowlight

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    I've been told that I kind of, its more often because I am a cook and never see natural sunlight.
  10. vvicked0471 vvicked0471

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    Nope. I'm pretty clean cut. No one has ever told me I look like a stoner. I've heard several times that people would have never guessed, a few times I was stoned as hell when they said it. Twice I've had dealers ask me to leave because, according to them, I look like a cop...
  11. yoshi31 yoshi31

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    I used to look like a pothead/hippie. I had long hair, I wore tye-dye and very loose clothes. Used glasses and a bandanna in my head sometimes.
    So yeah you get the picture...

    But then I realized there was no need to do that, I was more suspicious and could get a school drug test (Im not sure how I didnt got one) And also I was giving a bad image.
    I cut my hair (painfully) and started wearing more normal clothes
  12. gogreen420 gogreen420

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    I do not look like the stereotypical stoner at all. I am not necessarily clean cut, but I wear a lot of nice casual-business style shirts around in my every day life, I wear glasses, I am not a particularly attractive guy according to my society and culture. And I dress pretty normally for the most part. The only time I ever get weird looks from people or someone will ask me if I have any bud is if I am wearing my Drug Rug. ;)

    Or you red eyes.
  13. Stoners Stoners

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    Most people aren't really surprised when I smoke. I feel that it's a combination of the way someone presents themselves with both clothing and personality. You don't have to have long dreads and not understand much of anything outside of smoking circles to smoke marijuana. It's all walks of life.

    I don't fit the stereotypical stoner, but from where I come from..maybe I do.
  14. ARi420 ARi420

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    i think that everyone should smoke weed..and if someone told me they smoked ..i wouldnt be surpirsed...why not smoke!?!?:bong2:

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