Does anyone feel this way when high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by spazmatic, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. spazmatic spazmatic

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    When I'm high I feel like my body is just a puppet that is being controlled by my soul... Like.. I feel like I'm so much more than just a body made of flesh and bones. It almost makes me feel artificial. Its soo hard to explain and I know it sounds crazy, but it makes perfect sense when i'm high. I don't believe in god but it really makes me believe there is something after death.
  2. Kushy Kushy

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    Sometimes I'll be walking and looking down at my feet walking, yet I don't really feel myself walking. If I am correct, weed is a muscle relaxant which is probably what "numbs" parts of your body. If you've ever heard a stoner say "wow I can't feel my feet man", that's what he's talking about
  3. -Lombax- -Lombax-

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    hahaaha...That sounds pretty cool and i agree with the above post on the feet thing....I like that feeling!
  4. GeTbLaZed GeTbLaZed

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    Yes i do know what you are talking about. I feel artificial and like a puppet or someone is controlling me.
  5. Kushy Kushy

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    One time my friend smoked a lot and he was just sitting there, and all of the sudden he starts slowly waving his arms and he's like "holy shit I'm not controlling arms... Oh fuck my hands are being controlled by strings and a puppet master". I guess some people get the feeling in the arms haha

    Another time I was smoking alone listening to some music. After I put everything away I stood in the middle of my living room sort of oddly dancing to the music. The weirdest part about it though is that all I was physically controlling was me standing there, and for some reason my legs kept wobbling and leaning from side to side and even bending and twisting. That was probably the weirdest shit I've ever felt before because I wasn't consciously making these actions on my legs yet there I stood wobbling and jumping around and I wasn't even controlling my legs. Surely I could have stopped this sensation by moving myself, but it was very bizarre but enjoyable.
  6. Zebra Zebra

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    Same thing happens to me, it's as if I go on auto pilot when I'm high. I'm also stuck in my imagination when I'm high sometimes I don't realize I am where I am, like as if I was in a dream.
  7. Noelle Noelle

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    this gave me chills because I was JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS the other night with a friend.
    If I let loose and tried to feel the energy from him, it was overwhelming. You should try it. And yeah, I don't know if I believe in god but recently I've really been believing in the afterlife... I've heard in too many places that you just sloff your body off like a shoe or something.. but you're still you and fully intact.
    It makes a lot of sense in my mind.
  8. kymtastic kymtastic

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    I get hyper aware of my body - the blood pumping through it, my organs moving, the copper taste in my mouth, the way the sounds come out of my mouth... etc.

    That's about as close to separation of body and soul as I tend to get but it happens every. single. time.

    Even worse if I light up in the bathroom (my safe haven). I get convinced that the Mirror Me is me when I'm high and I've fallen through to a different dimension or something and I'm meeting myself for the first time.

    Might be different from what you're talking about, but it's as close as I have :)
  9. Kushy Kushy

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    Holy shit, this just happened to me. Listening to music in my room, was vaping and surfing web, put on iPod once high, turn lights off, then just flat out start doing all of these bizarre dance moves. This is where the numb part comes in. I froze there in the dark stoned listening to the music, and my feet are positioned regularly, and all of the sudden my legs start being controlled by... Fuckin aliens or some shit. Honestly I just stood there "dancing", sitting in awe watching my body commit these actions I had never told my body to do. It's a fucking alien experience to feel like being controlled in the dark by some strange inner body while music is playing and you have no idea what's going on. Sorry I'll edit this tomorrow
  10. cj117 cj117

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    Makes sense to me =)
    Through Cannabis I've come to become a Born-again christian, though I still don't understand the method by which that happened... I believe in God, but not necessarily Christian God. I'm still in pursuit of that understanding and truth.

    Check this out -
  11. 420shredder 420shredder

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    Thats sort of how i feel, but the way i describe it is it feels like my mind is above my body, and its like my mind is the remote control to my body as a tv remote is to a tv. in other words, its like im out of my body, haha weird feeling and hard to describe to someone. And it also feels like im in a dream when i'm really high, that kind of freaks me out sometimes but it doesn't happen as much anymore as it did when i first started smoking.
  12. DownToEarth DownToEarth

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    Exactly how I feel when I'm high.
    Also when really high once I, after dozing/passing out for a minute, began doing the "Frankenstein Arms" thing, like from the movie Grandma's Boy. I couldn't control myself. :)
  13. marcosE marcosE

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    I know the puppet feeling. When I'm high it feels like there's 2 of me. I can tell my body to do something, like lift up my leg, and it's like I'm not even making myself do it, I'm just telling myself to....hard to explain.
  14. DankStar DankStar

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    Yeah man.. When your high, it seems to make you think. Like a genius.
  15. smokeymadpot smokeymadpot

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    i feel like i can go to my mind or my body. like i can only control one at a time. like i dont feel that i am walking, but yet im still walking when im in my mind state. and when im in my body state all my senses are hightened. weird stuff
  16. daydreamindaze daydreamindaze

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    man dancing and listening to music is the bomb when your high just let the music take over your body:D
  17. PeaceInChickenGrease PeaceInChickenGrease

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    no, i dont believe in spirits etc. but when im high i feel like a ton of pressure is taken off of my shoulders if only for a second

    one time i could swear that i felt my hair growing....ow was that shrooms? either way i FELT IT MAN
  18. SmokeSomeWeed SmokeSomeWeed

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    any of you know what is after, or where do you go?

    I may have an idea..:cool:
  19. Delta990 Delta990

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    When Im high..

    When I'm high my first reaction is to sit on the ground!
    Can someone tell me how to stop this??

    Peace :rasta:
  20. KaliKush KaliKush

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    I mean I guess ino what u mean but i dont know i remember the first few times i got high i kept asking myself "am I high?" like I couldnt tell i new something was different but i couldnt tell:confused:
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