does marijuana increase your metabolism?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by zzoee, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. zzoee zzoee

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    i heard that, just wondering if it is true...:)
  2. WNB WNB

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    Some people think that because it increases your heart rate while you're high. But weed doesn't increase your metabolism. On the contrary, smoking too much weed will make you a fat ass, if you're not careful about the munchies ;)
  3. SkyHigh SkyHigh

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    About the munchies. Wouldnt that be why your metabolism would speed up if it did? Like if you didnt eat anything. Of course it could be all pchychological.
  4. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    It is an appetite stimulant

    It is not a metabolic stimulant

    It is not a central nervous system depressant despite being mis-labeled as such.
  5. Proline63 Proline63

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    It doesn't increase your heart rate like some other off topic drugs can.
  6. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    Actually, Proline63, smoking pot can increase your heart rate. See this thread for more information.

    But your body can become tolerant to that effect.

    I'd like to post something from the Nova Institute Report about the metabolism issue.

    Welcome to the boards zzoee :wave:
  7. greenweed28 greenweed28

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    since THC is fat soluable

    After you smoke marijuana the THC in it finds its way into your fat cells since it is soluable in lipids not water soluable like heroin or cocaine. Who the **** knows what its doing in your fat cells for the usual forty-five days that it lingers around. It could be blocking precusor molecules to building larger fat cells by filling the cells up. From my own experience with pot I would say that it must do something because when I used it heavily I lost weight. I mean going from 155 pounds (healthy for me) to about 130 pounds (a little under weight). Maybe it does speed up ones metabolism or hamper sugar absorbtion or maybe it was just enough of an amotivating factor that I was just too lazy to cook. With heavy use the munchies also went away so I was not over eating.
  8. beats beats

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    It's been said on these boards that it does.

    I wonder..I have had about the same weight (160) ever since I smoked weed. I'm a little bit FATASS and It's stayed about the same.

    Maybe if it is indica you will be more energetic and you'll jump you exersize..thereby increasing your metabolism.

    And maybe the heart rate increase helps increase the metabolism as a secondary effect. I have no proof of these. Cheeba has proog to the contrary, so believe him, and don't use it as a wonder-diet herb.

    :chokin: Peace
  9. TylerDurden TylerDurden

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    i have no idea about the metabolism issue, but i think that one day while in a daze i read that MJ affects the part of your brain that keeps track of blood sugar- makes it think youre low- so u get the munchies.

    has anyone read anything like this?
  10. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    I think you're talking about SATIVA.
  11. beats beats

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    Damn, I always mix them up. I always think indica because it suonds like indigo, which is a mellow colour.
  12. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    The THC that is absorbed by fat cells appears to have no negative effects. There aren't any THC receptors in fat cells.

    I've haven't heard that marijuana affects blood sugar levels, but then again I haven't read anything about that.


    Diabetes and Cannabis
  13. Vegeta421 Vegeta421

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    marijuana actually slows your metabolism down. check out the book understanding marijuana: a new look at scientific evidence
  14. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    Someone else has the book. That's great!

    What page(s) is it on?
  15. dj atom 12 dj atom 12

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    Hemp for health by chris conrad is also another good read.
  16. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    What you're talking about (I'm guessing on page 108) is when the patients gained more weight than the doctors expected. The results suggested that maybe their metabolism was decreased, but it didn't prove it. The study was just about seeing if people ate more food while high. They could have gained more weight than expected because of some other factor.
  17. GG86 GG86

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    I'm a nursing student, marijuana shuts off the chemical in your brain, "Leptin," that signals your stomach you're full...that's why most people can eat well beyond normal when they're high.

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