Does Smoking Alot Make You twitch?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by stonerj, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. stonerj stonerj

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    first of all, i know this sounds like a funny question but im being serious.
    2 days ago, i smoked a fat joint. and by that, i mean FATTTTT. ten minutes after doing so, i layed down in the middle of my living room floor and began twitching and hearing strange nonsense words. i suppose my question is that i want to know if that is normal reaction, or i just naturally have seizures when i smoke (HAHA).

  2. willyro12 willyro12

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    sounds pretty damn normal to me......................... hahah
  3. CannaBabe CannaBabe

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    Yep! I remember the first time I got super high we were playing Donkey Kong at my friends house and all of a sudden I started twitching quite a bit and I was paranoid that everyone could see me twitching haha.
  4. locket locket

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    When you have a seizure, you are not aware of it. You become unconscious and wake up confused and extremely tired. I'm not sure why you would find having seizures a laughing matter.

    I used to have small muscle spasms when I first started smoking, but not anymore.
  5. Sniperblackout Sniperblackout

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    There are plenty of people that are conscious and aware during seizures... do research before making assumptions...
    As for the post... when I get REALLY high I definitely have muscle twitches and am paranoid like the other guy that everyone else can see them... like I'm a cokehead with withdrawal.
  6. Dawq902 Dawq902

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    Yeah sometimes I twitch or get the shakes. Every time it happens I always get scared that I might have just smoked some east coast chronic lol. I know that it never is though.
  7. locket locket

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    Not ALL seizures, but seizures that involve twitching/convulsing, the person does lose consciousness (aside from myoclonic seizures, but those are VERY rare in adults)

    I have done research on seizures as my boyfriend's mother has epilepsy, as does my dog. Don't make assumptions about people.
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  8. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    Yeah, marijuana can cause tremors. My very first time being high my legs couldn't stop shaking :p I would press my hands on them to stop it but they kept on shaking so I just went with the flow and had fun with the shaking.
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  9. Shellshock Shellshock

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    It's a personalized reaction, not a common side effect. But yes, according to the last posts, people can experience slight tremors and twitches. I have never experienced this.
  10. Durden Durden

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    haha glad to know I'm not the only one.

    Yeah, that happens to me too when I smoke too much.
  11. Rocketman Rocketman

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    Soo sometimes when I get really, really high my legs will twitch. It's usually nothing else, and only when I'm laying down and when my body is still for a while.

    Haha I don't mind it... just wondering if it happens to anyone else.
    By the way, did Oil yesterday and it was amazing. Took one huge hit, 5 minutes later I was fucked. Haha, so yea my legs twitched (was it the boat, laying down) so that brought up this question.

    I think its probably normal, annoying sometimes.
  12. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    There's an active thread right now about this :p Check it out, you'll see that you're not alone ;)
  13. Rocketman Rocketman

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    Dammit haha, thanks.
  14. Rocketman Rocketman

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    Yea, I get them quite regularly when really high.
    Last time was yesterday on my first time smoking oil... relaxing, laying down on the boat.
    Good times.
  15. Hellraz0r Hellraz0r

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    Haha yeah don't worry you'll find heaps of people get it. I got it the other day and I actually liked it haha it felt really buzzy and I was just cracking up at my legs uncontrollably hahaha
  16. kmak kmak

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    i sometimes start twitching. as long as im not in public and im with my friends i enjoy it because i feel like im on a roller coaster
  17. InZane4all InZane4all

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    Mod note: You need to offer more than 'lol' to avoid having a low content post.
  18. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    Myoclonic jerks

    There called Myoclonic jerks and there a side effect of Marijuana. There very common to have when your high and there nothing to worrie about. I get them all the time when I smoke a lot of weed. There involuntary body movements the bodies muscles make time to time entering the sleep phase.
  19. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    Thanks for the merge, mods!
  20. Bapedup Bapedup

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    Ive only experienced this while smoking in cold weather =P

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