does sure-gel or certo help in anyway along with the dilution method?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by djm29fan, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I ve read alot of different sites that say that mixing a packet of sure-gel or certo helps block the metabolites from entering into your urine but I'm not sure how that works. I plan on doing the dilution method and want to take any other precaution I can that will help me. What are the thoughts on sure-gel and certo. people say it acts as some kind of coating or barrier that prevents the metabolites from seeping in, but once again I have no clue about it, just what I have read and since everyone here seems like they know what they are talking about I figured I would ask.
  2. djm29fan djm29fan

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    can someone answer my previous post about sure-jell or creto

    im still looking for an answer to my question earlier. does this stuff do anygood or play a roll in any way?
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    It will only help in the same way a high fiber diet or metamucil will help/. It helps by keeping your bowels clean. Any thc in your stool can be reabsorbed and slow down the process of getting clean.
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    Fruit pectin has no discernible effect on one's ability to pass a UA.

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