Does Weed Help You Focus - or Make You Inattentive?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Vapist, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Vapist Vapist

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    Some people say weed helps them focus. Others thinks it does the opposite. I have to say that it's a mix for me. Sometimes it does seem to help me focus on work (I am on the computer all day), but sometimes it makes me inattentive. Sometimes I can work for hours on end, focusing on one particular project (web design). Other times it makes me think creatively, and I start getting distracted from my work.

    What about you?

  2. Everlong2019 Everlong2019

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    tends to make me forget to do things/what im currently doing. Like i will focus really hard on breathing while subconciously writing an essay or something. it's really wierd hah
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  3. marijuanavillle7 marijuanavillle7

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    I passed my high school graduation test stoned. Sometimes I can get focused and sometimes my mind just wonders. Maybe different strains of weed help you focus and some not.

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    It depends on what I'm smoking and how high I am. Usually if I'm smoking good weed i can focus if I want, but if I smoke some dirty schwag stuff I'll have clouded thoughts sometimes and not be able to focus that well. I havent smoked weed like that in a while though, so usually I get in the zone unless I'm super baked and I'm just thinking about the funniest random shit I can think of. :p
  5. tdlex420 tdlex420

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    Typically it helps me focus, although it does depend on the weed and how much I have smoked. Unless its really good weed or I am super baked then normally I can still keep my mind on things but if its some good shit then it tends to have the opposite effect.
  6. allenlovesgreen allenlovesgreen

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    For me it does both. There are times were I can't concentrate at all. I forget stuff and get distracted by the smallest things you would think of. There are times were I can work on whatever I'm doing and it turns out to be great. Most of the time I get high is when I'm not doing anything, just staying home, going out with friends and that type of stuff so I don't worry about that. I don't like being high during school though, as it might affect with my studies.

    There is no way that someone can categorize marijuana as a "substance" that helps you concentrate or does the opposite. Why? Because marijuana reacts differently on everyone.
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  7. tayg13 tayg13

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    As long as im not stoned, i can think clear. It might actually help, because it seems like i am aware of every little thought going through my head, so i can pick up on the better. I can also "sink into" something, almost like living in your math homework. If im stoned, or burnt out its a different story. When im like that i cant think, at all.
  8. Funky999 Funky999

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    Normally if i know I have to work or get something done ill only take a hit, but if i want to relax I'll smoke a bowl and just let my mind wonder.
  9. Jericho99 Jericho99

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    It matters a lot based on the potency of the herb and the quantity. If I'm slightly buzzed off good herb, my attention capabilities are normal, if not better. When I'm very high off good herb, I find that it is very hard for me to draw focus to a single object or action, but once I able to do so, I find that I have insane focus capabilities.

    For example, I have been writing MOCK political resolutions while sufficiently buzzed recently and their quality is astounding. I just think out-of-the-box so much, that although I may not have composed a coherent piece, it covers the topic very well. I come back when I'm sober and tidy things up.
  10. dailyformula dailyformula

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    all depends on how i want to use it... if i go into it knowing that im gonna do some stuff after i do it, then i'm fine with concentrating while doing the work... if i go into it knowing im gonna eat some food and watch a movie, then ill be sitting there relaxed and stoned
  11. potboy potboy

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    makes me focus. But only on one thing and sometimes its hard to focus on something else if I'm already focused.
  12. daredevil911 daredevil911

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    it makes me really lazy so it's a chain reaction I'm stoned so I don't do home work or study so now my grades suck I'm trying to cut back and pull my grades up so I can atleast get my HIGH school thingy
  13. Durden Durden

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    Well a bit of both I guess. I often have trouble concentrating on some things, cause my mind is so perfectly focused on a thought or something else.

    I guess I'm just not a multitasker when I'm high.
  14. MaryJane009 MaryJane009

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    Depends if i know i have to do something, i went to school and sat a french test stoned and scored 2nd in my class of 30. If i put my mind to it usualy i can achieve what i need to, other times my minds a mess haha :)
  15. 420Raver<3 420Raver<3

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    Same here, I can focus well on certain things but when it comes to multitasking i end up completely lost when im blazed :rasta: ( I once lost my phone like 5 times in 15minutes.)
  16. p0th3d p0th3d

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    helps me focus...last time i had an assignment i was stuck for days...when i got some weed i smoked a few bongs and found myself typing the whole thing done that day..and got a good mark
  17. dirtbomb dirtbomb

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    Pot is the only medication I've used that calms me down without a loss of focus or intense drowsiness.
    My focus improves, simply because of that. Nothing's more effective for getting off track than a panic episode.
  18. Special-K Special-K

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    I can't concentrate stoned, i go in my own world, forget things and if I was doing something I would just think, I can do it later, who cares, don't worry!
    I also see things differantly and have to look twice, and i struggle to type so no it doesn't help XD.
  19. MestUp7 MestUp7

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    I'll put it this way - The only time I ever really pay attention to my economics teacher is when I'm stoned. Also, when I get high, I love turning on the TV and watching science/history channels, while I never want to do this sober.

    However, while that may sound good, you have a hard time remembering things learned when stoned. Notes are your friend ;)
  20. toker8109 toker8109

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    The day after smoking I seem to be able to pay attention better. I did kind of a self test on myself and while I was doing marijuana (as opposed to the occasional or monthly toke), my grades increased.

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