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  1. iMpArAnOiD iMpArAnOiD

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    Last night I had a chance to try some locally grown "dogshit". Supposedly it is really hard to get your hands on and I just happened to get lucky. It hit me like a freight train and really made me feel like dogshit, what gives? I only took two puffs and it made me sick to my stomach, I still feel like crap. I will say that it was a very intense high until I felt bad. Im an occasional toker so could it just have been really strong? either way it was not a fun night
  2. gogreen420 gogreen420

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    Well, the simplest answer to this question is don't smoke a strain of marijuana who's name is likened to the fecal matter of a canine - obviously it won't be very good. It'd be the same as if I gave you a pasta that looked really good, but I called it cat vomit - would you really eat it?
  3. iMpArAnOiD iMpArAnOiD

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    trust me i wont, just wondering why i felt like shit!! it feels like a hangover
  4. Triheptyl Triheptyl

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    ever seen up in smoke? maybe its like labrador.
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  5. tenajtimmad tenajtimmad

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    is this the opposite of cat piss?

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