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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by filobeddo79, Aug 22, 2005.

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    So I lost my job and now plan on attending a CDl program. Before I can begin I must take a DOT physical and pass a DOT drug screen.

    Norm. Metabolism
    Smoked regurally low/midgrade for 4+ years.
    Last toke on 7/11/05

    So I have purchased three home test. Failed the first after 3 weeks sober. Waited till four weeks to take second test and passed(faint "t" line!) Just to be safe I purchased a different brand and tested today at 7 weeks sober and Failed :eek:

    I have a bottle of Ready Clean and the pre-clean tablets that I have had waiting in reserve.

    475mg creatine
    50 mg stevia
    10 mg Riboflavin

    So I can take the test at any time of my choice, but i have to take it this week before my insurance runs out (Im broke so...) My plan is for thursday PM take pre-cleanse with plenty of water. Friday Am start with Water (8ozX 4 times,) take detox, 4X 8ozwater again,drink gatorade and aspirin, then test at 2 hours after detox. So what do you think?

    I will be sure to let you know my results.

    Fllow up question. Does anyone know how DOT drug screens work? Is there a record of this kept somewhere. Im not taking this test for a job but to get into school. If I fail will this be in a record somewhere for future employers to see. Anyone know?

  2. Justme2 Justme2

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    I do know abit about records
    it depend so empooyer
    they can keep up to 5 years
    but I doubt would disclose to any other inquires.
  3. lew scannon lew scannon

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    With DOT testing, there are protocols and guidelines in which labs and employers must follow. Any deviation from those guidelines renders the test results as void.

    Take a time out or two and play around with the link below as it contains all of the procedures outlined in Part 40 by the Dept. of Transportation. Certainly a "must read" (and bookmark) for any individual facing a DOT drug test:
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    When you get popped for a drug test while holding a CDL and fail you have to go thru counseling and they suspend your CDL's for a certain amount of time. It goes on your record at the BMV I think, not really sure abou that one though. I would think that you will pass take anohter home test and see what it says. If the school is given by a estabilished company they wont hire you or let you go thru the program, and agian I am not sure but could black ball you for a certain amount of time, they can't forever but like 3 monthe or something. Hope it helps.....fellow CDL holder......<Hawg
  5. filobeddo79 filobeddo79

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    5 Panel Test

    So I talked with the lady from school today and she told me when I go for the Physical to make absolutly sure they use a "Five Panel Test." Is that like the home dip card, or is that some sort of term for EMIT. Just wondering im sure i could pass if it was dip card test but was sure i read somewhere that all DOT UA had to be EMIT type test?
  6. Don Wasuski Don Wasuski

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    urine sample

    new member-not sure what im doing, but i was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question. had a clean sample of urine refrigerated for approx 4 to 6 weeks and just used it for a random drug test- is it still good ?
  7. lew scannon lew scannon

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    DOT tests use a 5 panel EMIT for the initial screen. For more info, including the technicals of the EMIT, follow these links:

    Hope that helps a little

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