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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by movietoast, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. movietoast movietoast

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    So tomorrow is 4/20 and my school is bringing drug sniffing dogs, and i wanted to know: if i smoke everything I have in the morning before i get to school, and go through my day, and a dog smells my scent because obviously ill smell like it. I know its diffrent for each state and school, but would i get in trouble is i dont have anything on me?

    Note: i live in Washington
    sorry if this is in the wrong section
  2. devvo6786 devvo6786

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    i know this is late but as long as you have NOTHING on you: pipes, papers, weed, etc) youll be ok
  3. HappyBoy1981 HappyBoy1981

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    If the dog starts humping your leg or something like that, then you may have to do a piss test.
  4. Drew420 Drew420

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    If you drive by a cop car with a dog and you have weed in your car, will the dog smell that, freak out, and get you pulled over by the cops?
  5. sk8erdude87 sk8erdude87

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    I doubt it would smell it through a moving vehicle. I was on the trolley once with weed in my backpack and a cop with a dog got on and walked right past me, the dog just stopped for a second then kept walking. But I have my medical card so it would've been all good anyway.
  6. alldayerryday alldayerryday

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    my neighbor is a cop, and he has about 4 drug dogs right in his backyard. never had a problem though. (still scares the shit out of me.....)
  7. LanDaddy LanDaddy

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    The dogs know when they are on duty. They will only bark if the cop has instructed them to smell for drugs.

    If they aren't searching for drugs, the dog will probably not react to the smell unless it is overpowering.
  8. Drew420 Drew420

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    Haha, nice. All I needed to know. I just had the random thought about that one day because we drove by a cop car with a dog in the back. None of us had weed, but it's still kinda like "hey, I wonder..."
  9. jrizzo99 jrizzo99

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    This is true. A drug dog will only take action to the smell if the officer tells it too be looking for the smell. Usually there is a specific word or item, such as a ball, that when used tells the dog to be actively looking for the scent. However if the dog had not been instructed to do so, it will not let the handler know that it recognizes the smell.

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