Eating Raw Weed

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Silverbackman, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Silverbackman Silverbackman

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    Although pot is one of the most safest substances in the world, smoking anything is bad for your health. Although you get high quicker, studies have shown that smoking not only reduces the length of the high, it still has health risks.

    So of course eating is better. In fact from the weed brownies I have had in the past the high is more intense and lasts longer (although it takes longer to get a feeling). I'm sure you can get high from just eating raw weed........but how much raw weed do you need? Is it around the same or do you need more raw weed to eat than you would if you were smoking it (raw weed)?

    For example, if I get high from smoking two good bowls of weed, will I get high eating two good bowls of weed? Or would I need more? Or less? Does anyone here eat raw weed?
  2. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    You need more than you would smoke, and more than if you had cooked it, too. Raw weed is basically the most inefficient method of consuming weed. When cooked, the thc bonds to fats, and is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. When eaten raw, there is no fat for the thc to attach itself too, and the weed has to be digested to use the thc. All inall, eating raw weed has always seemed like a waste to me, and I don't plaion on trying it. If you take into account that you need roughly 2x or 3 x more weed than you'd smoke when you COOK it, and need more yet for it to work raw, it just seems pointless to me, and a waste of weed
  3. Cannabliss Cannabliss

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    Once upon a time when I was a newbie to the world of weed I put some weed between 2 slices of bread and ate it... although it was shwag it was still a waste of weed.:( didnt do a thing..lesson learned
  4. Cheebahawk Cheebahawk

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    Lol yeah that's what I thought this thread was about...eating raw pot. As far as eating brownies or other edibles, I think it is great when smoking isn't a convenient option. Maybe your little bro's 6 and half hour graduation ceremony, and or work :)
  5. homemadebubbler homemadebubbler

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    I always found eating it raw is a waste. For the same amount, you can smoke and get stoner 4 or 5 times.
  6. Itzamna Itzamna

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    other: suppository
  7. Sofa King Sofa King

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    I voted for smoke it, but I also use edibles from time to time.
  8. THC Fiend THC Fiend

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    There's no benefit from eating it raw. You need like five times as much since the absorption is slow when the weed isn't cooked.

    Cooking it helps separate the THC and enables quicker absorption. You need more eating it raw than you do cooking it, and you need more cooking than you would by smoking it.

    The only way I'd eat it raw was if I had an unlimited supply. Even then, I'd rather cook it, because it would feel too much like eating my vegetables ;)
  9. Jake Jake

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    I've eaten it raw two times and got blitzed as fuck from it. Both times I did it, it was KB and it was about an eighth. But that was when I was pretty young and didn't know how to roll a jay and I didn't have a piece.

    After those two times, 100% of my weed consuption has been by smoking raw weed.
  10. Lit_Match Lit_Match

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    I'll add that eating raw weed is probably not too great for the digestive system. A good portion of the cannabis plant is made up of indigestible fibers. Consequently as far as fibers go hemp has some of the strongest around.
  11. -e4 -e4

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    yeah smoking it definately>
    What would other putting in in a gel-cap and poping it or something??
  12. k20 k20

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    eating raw weed is so bad. I've tried it before because I'm a fuckin idiot. It gave me an upset stomache, I wasn't high at all, but my mouth was cotton from I guess the THC in my mouth. Doesn't taste good raw, either haha.. and doesn't go down easy either.
  13. Vember Vember

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    Eating weed without cooking it in any way is absolutely pointless.. The THC stays deactivated.

    For weed to work the THC needs to be activated through heat. With cooking, it needs to be cooked in some form of fat, cooking oil works well. The heat 'activates' the THC and the fat traps it allowing you to digest the fat and the THC.

    Smoking it is the most direct way as it enters the lungs and then pretty much is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Eating raw weed is a crime and completely wasteful.
  14. THC Fiend THC Fiend

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    You can get high eating it raw. If you eat enough :cool:
  15. Vember Vember

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    I would and could never eat that much.

    I can't stand eating raw weed personally.

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