Edibles On a Flight

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by rubikle, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. rubikle rubikle

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    Hey, I was thinking of bringing a medical brownie on a plane.
    How risky is it to bring get it through security, especially with the pat-downs and the new x-rays.
    I dont feel confident enough to hide it between my crotch,
    so I was wondering if it is okay to put it in a sandwhich bag with other snacks inside. ( like a trail mix of some sort )

    Has any a one done this before?
    Would the xray catch it? Would they search my bag ? Do they have dogs to sniff it and confirm itsmedical brownie?
    Its an international flight thats going to take a while.

    Has anyone done this before?
    And I mean recently too, not in the summer , but when the pat down and tighter security started to happen.

    Would it be suspicious if i double bagged or triple bagged the edible so the scent wont smell so much?

  2. gogreen420 gogreen420

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    It's just a brownie. Put it with your other food if you have any in your bag, and they won't expect anything of it...really. And if you have it in your carry-on, then I would consider that even less grounds for suspicion because you could always just want a brownie for a snack on the flight :)
  3. LoAnnaLove LoAnnaLove

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    I would like to know this too, as for I am going to florida on christmas day.
    This thread may help you with answers if you havent looked at the new posts yet. I'm gunna check it out after this post, http://www.marijuana.com/legal-issues/119684-domestic-airport-security-flying-mj.html

    And i have a feeling like you could get away with it, as a carry on. But even then they are strict with foods. I have had books and food inspected because it shows up on the screen as a possible liquid or bio material in florida with the carry on bins for bags and such. If you do, i would have the weed grounded in a magic bullet type of thing if your not straining out the weed from cannabutter.
  4. 9184 9184

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    baked goods is how i travel .

    ive been doing it on international routes that i know they dont have drug dogs at the end of the line.

    ive never had the baked goods inspected

    its not something i reccomend outright. you should know the route , or , research it as much as posible to know what lies at the other end

    until a terrorist makes a bomb out of a balony sandwich, i should be ok
  5. REVOlution REVOlution

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    Flew from SFO to Phoenix last monday. I didn't want to risk flying with marijuana on me, so I just got super baked right before leaving my house. By the time the plane took off, I was still pretty high, stared out the window for the whole flight haha.
    If you're in dire need of being high, just do what I did. It'll save you the worries.
  6. Ghoast Ghoast

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    Yeah nice one dude.. This is how I travel a lot lol. Takes the edge off the whole experience, especially if you're travelling with friends or other people. You can just follow them around in a stoned haze not worrying about a thing. Next thing you know you're in the plane and taking off - definitely an experience while high :p
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  7. i'mfalling i'mfalling

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    Why not just eat it before going to the airport? :/

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