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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by yoman3, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. yoman3 yoman3

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    This might just be my high school, but do you find that in your schools/colleges (hell, workplaces) that almost everyone smokes?

    Maybe it's because I go to such a small school of 800 kids, but I'd say between 2/3 and 3/4 of the student population smokes, at the very least sporadically. Ya, when I say "everyone smokes" I'm not joking around.
  2. Tranquility Tranquility

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    That's the case for my school too. We have a population of about 1200 and I'd say around at least 1/2 smoke. Supposedly my town is ranked pretty high for amount of marijuana users per capita haha
  3. Spazzer Spazzer

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    I agree, but it's still not everyone. I'm in college and when I got here I found a bunch of people on my floor in the dorms that smoked. Then I joined a fraternity and out of the 20 or so people in the house only two people choose not to smoke and one can't because of ROTC.
  4. FreddyC FreddyC

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    Not close to a majority at our work location in Louisville Ky. We have about 30 employees at our Louisville branch and 7 of us smoke. And they are all people I manage! Freddy
  5. SouthernToker SouthernToker

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    yeah, all different groups/clics too. Like jocks, preps, drugies, nerds, rednecks, black crowd, mexicans, gays, ect. The only group that doesn't smoke are like goody goods, jesus freaks, anti-drug people, ect. Weed is kind of like food everybody does it. At my school more people smoke the older they get
    4th - less than 1%
    6th - like 3/5%
    8th - like 15/20%
    10th - like 35/40%
    12th - like 60/70%
  6. UpInFlames UpInFlames

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    At my high school everyone either smokes, or doesn't care if people smoke. It's an accepted hobby among people our age. But it all depends on where you live.
  7. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    I've said this in other posts, but I dont see why its so surprising that teenagers do drugs. This has been going on for decades at a a time and surely wont stop anytime soon!
  8. Lion of Judah Lion of Judah

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    Not in school anymore but my workplace is full of hopheads (or former) including a couple of past bosses. And those who don't smoke have an immediate family member who does. Its not as uncommon as some people think it is, among the young and old alike.
  9. UpInFlames UpInFlames

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    Who suggested that it was suprising?
  10. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    Surprising was a bad way to word it. I just meant that...this is not really an expandable topic. Of course teenagers are doing drugs, so obviously ALOT of teenagers are going to smoke.

    Then again, there are probably some areas where theres more smokers...but its still almost everybody.
  11. upinacloud upinacloud

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    My current school (ALC) where all the *bad* kids go, i think like %90 of the kids that go there smoke, we come into class reaking all the time and teachers usually don't do anything about it. But every single person in there smokes, or knows everyone else smokes and keeps quiet. I do live in the US, weed is %100 illegal, and cops round here will fuck you over for anything so i'm pretty lucky i go to school there.
  12. desiremj desiremj

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    I went to get a haircut today, and i was talking to the girl who was cutting my hair, and it turns out we have the same dealer. Small fkn world.

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