Discussion in 'Music' started by Haddock, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Haddock Haddock

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    Classic song, possibly the greatest song ever written.
  2. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    I saw Edgar Winter at a balloon festival many years ago when I was in college.
    It was The Stray Cats and Edgar Winter.
    If I must say, it was a rather kick-ass show. Frankenstein ended up beind a 45 minute encore/jam session.

  3. Zaireeka Zaireeka

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    I may sound like a total hippie for saying this, but Phish does a really sweet cover of this song. Nearly note-for-note, and Trey manages to get almost the same tone on his guitar.

    I played this song in high school marching band, too. It was one of the highlights of my band career!

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