Fun liquids to fill a bong with!

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by bobertjr3, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. xChelsFTW xChelsFTW

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    my bong has an ice chamber.. so i always put ice in it. its just not the same without it being all chilled and shit.

    I usually just put water.
    i don't like to take away from what i'm smoking cause i enjoy the taste of weed.
  2. mastershake407 mastershake407

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  3. Esola Esola

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    Water, apple juice is rly good, energy drinks are alright....gatorade (cherry) is the best in my opinion. = ] njoy
  4. blood bong blood bong

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    me too:cool:
  5. NCisBlaZed NCisBlaZed

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    When i smoked i used Water, sprite, monster, Hi-C (tasty as fuck), coke, and one time beer. =D
  6. GuyOnTheCouch39 GuyOnTheCouch39

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    I read this and seriously just laughed my ass off. thank you for that.
  7. mastershake407 mastershake407

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    Why would you use anything with alcohol in it? :confused:
  8. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    If you use juice or something, remember to clean it out after use and not just pass out...If You let the juice sit in there it likes to start smelling weird and leaving strange stains n such..I have the same problem with my hooka..I tend to pass out after use, and the juice is still in there in the morning, and it's gross..LOL
  9. snowboard_loser snowboard_loser

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    pond water. haha gotta love those situations.
    i just use water, but i dont own a bong.
  10. higher then life higher then life

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    I use water most of the time

    but sometimes i use slushies
  11. joshtheenabler joshtheenabler

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    The only liquid I've put in my bong other than water is orange juice. It was OK, but the idea of losing THC in the juice was too much to risk! Had a little bit of a tangy after taste though, it was nice.
  12. CrayzStoner CrayzStoner

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    Anyone tried alcohol in a bong? Probably a horrible idea but who knows...
  13. dope lettuce dope lettuce

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    i used rootbeer once
  14. JimmyBruiser JimmyBruiser

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    Supercooled water works great, my homemade bong has no Ice catch so I just cram it with crushed ice, and just a little bit of cold water. Milky, cool hits. Sometimes I even forget it's smoke!

    As for *other* liquids, I've used slightly diluted cherry syrup (the kind they make Shirley Temples with), that was fantastic. It tasted great and I got really stoned. Chilled apple cider, gatorade, and chocolate milk are all OK.
    Also juice works well, whatever you're into really.
    I don't recommend sodas, because you will inhale carbon dioxide which slows the rate of THC intake and is generally not good for you. So if you must use soda as bong water, chill it really well first.

    Remember, whatever liquid you use, supercool it for maximum awesomeness.
  15. Raizor *3GS* Raizor *3GS*

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    The only other liquid I'ved used in a bong is sprite and that's only because we needed something to smoke out of and all we had was a fuckin Carl's Jr. Soda cup with some sprite in it... So I amazingly made a bong out of it.
  16. JimmyBruiser JimmyBruiser

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    So was it good?
  17. AmericanSmoker AmericanSmoker

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    I pretty much just use water and ice, clean and cold hits nothin better
  18. noobsaibot noobsaibot

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    v8 tomato juice.
  19. chowy chowy

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    yeah ive used Gatorade before, but it leave your bong hella sticky.
  20. ctwalrus ctwalrus

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    what about like jello mashed up so its liquid esq lol

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