GBR: Bad Marijuana Trips, Visions and Unusual Experiences

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    JayFay, i had the same shit for 3 years of moderate use. Then something just changed and it was an amazing feeling, Ive been smoking every day since.
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    I'm curious. Why did you continue to smoke for three years if you had nothing but bad experiences?
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    (cut most of it out to save space, but the whole thing is on page one)

    I had experiences similar to yours, but they only started that way. You may be extremely sensitive to marijuana, but IMO its all in your head. You need to think positively, think your way out of your bad trips.
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    Theres something else going on that we don't know about. Is he on psychotropic drugs or is he suffering from some form of manic illness?
    I can't tell nor have the expertise to determine what is happening to him. All I know is that the average Joe tends to have a pleasant experience.
    Maybe he needs just to take one hit. See how that suits him. Relax a bit and then take another. The key for him maybe to know when to say enough.
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    I've never really had a "bad trip" with mary (not yet anyways, I've only been smoking for a month or two).

    The only slightly unpleasant experience I remember was when I was at my friend's house. I was sitting on one side of the couch, and my friend was laying down so his head was maybe a foot away from my hip. All of a sudden, I feel a tingling on my hip and I just go ballistic. I scream "DUDE YOU ARE NOT EATING MY HIP!!" and start twitching and scooting away from him. He replied "Dude, calm down...I'm not trying to eat your hip I'm just laying here". I didn't believe him, and proceeded to freak out for the next 30 seconds or so.

    That's about it lol....nothing TOO terrible.
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    My first (and last) getting high experience AKA my "bad trip"

    Took 1 hit from pipe and felt like I was starting to get drunk…probably equivalent of 3 shots of liquor. It was a nice, mellow feeling.

    In the beginning, I just laughed at everything…everything was so funny and hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing and I felt really good. My boyfriend started kissing me and it was fantastically hot and wonderful. The more hits I did, I started becoming very focused on mundane objects and couldn’t remember what they were or what they were called. For example, my boyfriend put a piece of tape on my leg and I had no idea what it was, but it was white, clear, and sticky. I could “feel” the air with my hands and would “press down” on the air feeling different resistances depending on where my hands were. It was quite fascinating, realistic, and enjoyable.

    In a split second, I went from looking at my boyfriend’s eyes, to seeing his face evolve into that of another man, and evil man, an entirely different man. The face was sneering at me, and the man had his arms out-stretched and was coming for me. It was absolutely horrifying and real. The next thing I remember is shaking violently, crying, and feeling absolute fear and panic. I also remember that my heart was racing like I was having a seizure. I remember my boyfriend holding me and telling me to calm down. I heard his words, but I wasn’t sure if it was him, or this man. I couldn’t look at him, because even out of the corner of my eye…I saw this other man’s face. I felt like he was going to “get me” and hurt me, and I was crying and pleading for my boyfriend to come protect me and keep me safe. I felt like I was a defenseless little girl. According to him, before this experience I was staring into the blank television set for 2-3 minutes then began shaking uncontrollably and freaking out which is when he reached out for me (only to me it wasn’t him). I was not aware of my place in time, how much time had passed, or where I even was. The sheer act of my boyfriend getting up to use the restroom (i.e. leaving me) sent me into a panic as I was sure this man was going to be coming after me. It was one of the most horrible feelings I have ever experienced. I had absolutely no control over my mind and what I was seeing, and everything was as real as it was in “reality”. Over the next two hours or so I became obsessed with trying to figure out why there were two realities, which one I was in, which one my boyfriend was in, which one this man was in, etc.. The shaking didn’t stop during this time, and I couldn’t trust anything I was seeing or hearing (including my boyfriend telling me it was all just a bad trip). His words meant absolutely nothing, as I could not think logically. To me, I was experiencing something that was entirely real and it felt as if it would go on forever and would never stop. I asked him when it would stop and he said about an hour. I thought several hours had already passed but when I asked him he said it had only been ten minutes. That sent me into another panic, because I was sure I was going to die or be murdered before then. I really believed I wouldn’t make it through. We lay down in his bed, and he was trying to get me to calm down. Unfortunately, he got very annoyed and shitty with me (although he claims some of that I hallucinated) which made me feel even more unsafe and abandoned (i.e. if he was irritated and mad at me, he wouldn’t protect me). Him threatening to go to the couch and leave me in the bedroom alone was terrifying. I became obsessed with making sure he would still protect me even if he was mad. My mind would not “let go” of these thoughts and I had to ask him over and over again, “will you still protect me even if you’re mad?” This continued over the next few hours, and I remember us having two separate conversations. In one of them he told me very coldly to “shut up” and in another he said, “You’re a freakin’ lunatic. I’m out.” I actually saw his lips move and say these things plain as day. He claims that never happened. I also heard sirens outside which he said weren’t really there. Again, it was a horrible, terrifying experience. I remember him saying some very mean and hurtful things to me. The most painful thing is that during that experience, and even now, he holds me personally responsible for the bad trip like I did it on purpose or I could have “controlled” my mind. From my end, it seemed like he was more pissed about the fact we weren’t going to have hot high sex rather than supporting me. I’m still struggling with what was actually said or not, because I feel some trust has been lost with me due to this. Another part of me feels like as an experienced smoker, he should have been watching my quantity and/or at least warned about the connection with over doing it and bad tripping. I wish he had cut me off. I never would have done it, or smoked that much if I had known. This experience was so awful, that I will never, ever, take myself back there again.
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    People need to learn to just chill...

    This is an interesting concept of "bad trips" with weed that I have not heard people talk much about.

    When I was a brand new pot smoker, about like 3rd or 4th time, I was offered to smoke with two acquaintances that I didn't know too well. I accepted the offer, and after smoking with them, I experienced feeling that they didn't really like me, and I got paranoid with a feeling that I was somehow being set up for something (ie. a beatdown, getting arrested etc.). I didn't let them know that I was paranoid, I just played it cool. I looked back for the next few days thinking about if they were or weren't trying to set me up, and I was never really too comfortable around these two acquaintances again, although nothing bad actually happened to me that day.

    It has been about a year since then, and I look back at this experience and laugh. I have also had a few other, milder, bad experiences with weed. I have concluded that all of this happened due to the fact that I pictured the situation as myself experimenting with a semi-dangerous drug, whereas now I am really comfortable with weed smoking, know it to be very safe, and trust myself and my judgment even when I'm high.

    It might be a typical stoner statement, but people who have bad experiences with bud need to learn to just chill more...
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    Dear "learn to chill"

    Well, trust me...if I had been able to just "chill", I would have. Just because you have never experienced something does not mean others haven't and that they are just "unable to chill". I certainly hope you never experience that, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    My point in putting my story up was that maybe someone else would understand that they weren't going crazy, and that MJ can do this. It brought me comfort to read that what I experienced wasn't out of the ordinary, I only wish it would be talked about more so first time smokers don't go through what I went through.
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    The point in what I said was that mj doesn't do it, its that the people are not in the right mindset and freak out.

    Its whatever, agree to disagree I guess...
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    Alexandria -

    Panic attacks are a bitch and it sounds like you had a doozy. I'm sorry your introduction to marijuana went so poorly. You must know that your reaction was an extreme and unusual one. It's good for people to know that such things are possible, but they also have to know that they are very rare. It's unfortunate, but one of the primary causes of panic attacks is worrying that you'll have a panic attack.
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    just learn to chill for its ok.

    It sound to me like everyone's bad trips are more like the ones you have when having bad tips on LSD... your weed may have been laced.

    Ive had small panic attacks with weed but that was because I was afraid of panicking. Ive smoked pot for years and never had those experiences with weed, only with LSD. you loose track of time and feel like your somewhere else, every thing suddenly becomes more real, as if your just figured everything out in the universe. yup Ive been there lol

    the only advise i can give you when this happens is to just breathe and remember this is only a bad trip and it will soon be over.(it will end i promise or you'll only just stay there lol):D

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    dude i felt the exact same thing. the only difference was that, upon smoking it my first time, i came to realize that my friends weren't experiencing what i was going through. my immediate reaction was that what i was feeling wasn't pot at all... that it must've stemmed from something else and the only logical explanation at that time was that a cosmic force had ripped me out of reality. i tried so hard to keep my eyes focused on familiar things but eventually they just became images and had no meaning. then i lost my memory.. it feels like i blacked out, you know how you just go straight into a dream and when you wake up, you realize that you passed out? it was like that, but i was never unconcious. all of my memories and understanding of life in this reality had vanished and it was like i was conscious in a never-ending dream. i had no body, no life, no past, no future, no name. of course i still physically had all of this, but i wasn't aware of it.. nor did i understand what any of it was once i did remember.

    i too experienced an intense form of "constant deja vu" for i don't know how long. it felt like eternity. and yeah i even felt like i had experienced this as a child, possibly before i was born. it felt like the epitome of my existence consisted of living in a never-ending loop. i described it later as being "concious in the non-existent", i felt as if i was trapped in this loop for eternity and nothing i did could change it. i felt helpess and trapped within the loop. it didn't make it any better that i was in the backseast of a car with my friends, driving around. we eventually pulled over, but i never even thought of opening the door to change my surroundings... that would've drastically helped me. instead i was in the backseat for i'd say a few hours, but of course it felt like a million fucking lifetimes back there. couldn't been 20 minutes, i don't know. i as unable to leave when we drove so that just enhanced the feeling of being trapped in the loop. there were times when my own voice sounded like it did when i was 6 and i actually thought i was a child for a while.

    we smoked that at 10pm and the feeling of being trapped didn't really go away until after midnight, probably because we got out of the car and went in my friend's room. watching tv helped a lot, as did playing video games. i felt more connected to reality and i knew i existed here, but it still didn't seem real. this feeling lasted for 4 more days and i started thinking about how i would kill myself, but i just took it one day at a time and eventually was back to normal. what's weird is that i felt living in this reality like everyone else felt wrong.. it felt deceptive. it's like "the soul theory" how the soul inhabits the body, we are the soul.. evidence of the soul is consciousness. we are the consciousness, we are the soul. the body is merely physical and over time we (the soul) form an identity with the body and this reality and we think that it is real. this is called a False Ego and right now it feels like being normal means living in this decpetive state, embracing this Falso Ego.

    i say it feels like that right now because i tried weed again, thinking it was just a one time experience. everyone i talked to had never heard of anything like that and they kept calling it a "bad trip" and it most certainly did not feel like a trip at all. calling it a trip felt like they were making it less significant, when it's the single most intense thing anyone can ever experience. the 2nd time around wasn't as bad i guess because i knew what was going on this time. i got out of the car (this is was during the 2nd time and thank god it was parked) and went to my friend's room and we just chilled in there for a few hours. i wrote a bunch of stuff, trying my best to describe my perspective but writing proved to be incredibly difficult. i couldn't hold on to a single thought. i'd start writing and forget what i was trying to say two words into the sentence. now i'm in the phase of becoming my False Ego... but the process could very well take days. i say becoming because i can't seem to control the assimilation. it just happens at the THC leaves my body.

    and yet i sit and wonder if becoming the False Ego is what makes us unhappy. i seem to enjoy and cherish life more while in this state, instead of sulking in isolation and wondering what i'm gonna do with my life.
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    such a typical response

    no. it has nothing to do with your mindset. the first time i did it i was totally relaxed (like i always am) and was expecting to have a good time laughing my ass off. i don't care or worry at all about cops or getting in trouble. i'm honestly one of the most relaxed and logical people you could meet and it had that hellish effect on me. the fact of the matter is that weed DID cause it and you should be aware that not everyone responds the same way.

    it's like telling someone who is lactose intolerant that they're making themself feel sick after drinking milk. i would much rather propose that the people who experience these terrifying trips are just more sensitive to marijuana. some people turn red-faced when they get drunk while some people don't. what's your opinion on that? is it because they drank too much? or maybe it has to do with their bodies and the fact that we're all different.
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    yet another bad trip

    I just woke up from having the worst trip of my life and decided to see if I could find information or stories about this. See... unlike most people who are talking about having bad trips, I've tried weed many times before and I've done other "stronger" drugs (LSD, MDMA, and Shrooms).

    Anyways, yesterday my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to go back to her place, get high, and watch Atlantis Squarepantis (a Spongebob movie). So after picking up from this old acquaintance, we went back to her place and began to smoke out of her roommate's bong on the back porch of her house. I had smoked a number of times in the past so I felt I was okay taking pretty large hits. After about 4 hits, I started to feel really high. It was still a familiar high; I could feel the air a lot more, I felt light-headed, and everything we talked about seemed comfortably simple and ridiculous. Thing slowly started to get out of control as I slowly found it getting increasingly hard to grasp onto any one thought, including my girlfriend's questions about my state of mind. She decided it'd be best if we went back inside and I laid down and tried to go to bed but things only got worse. Part of me could hear her say "just try to lie down" but only a part of me understood the question, another part of me was just saying any incoherent thought I managed to blurt out. Things were starting to spin now and I was trying to let her know where I was but by the time I uttered something, that thought was dead and gone. Pretty soon my vision was also gone. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. I thought I was "watching" my madly spiraling thoughts but I also saw glimpses of my worried girlfriend staring down at my face through the blades of my madly spiraling thoughts. Things continued to get worse as I lost my surroundings and could only think, see, and focus on the incoherent mess that was going on in my head. My thoughts started to spin faster and more violently and I felt like my brain was being ripped apart. I started to hear the faint sound of static and my eyesight would fluctuate between increasing darkness, increasing whiteness, and increasing mix of color and thoughts. I started convulsing and I could hear my girlfriend freaking out and feel her get off the bed and almost see her walk out of the room and hear her roommates come in. I could see/hear all this through the static in my brain. The same thoughts as some people in this forum crossed my mind: am i going to die, when is this going to end. I was nearly convinced that this would continue to be my reality forever. I also started thinking about resulting scenarios that would result from me having gone crazy on weed of all drugs: how I would just be some news story and statistic that would be used by anti-drug groups, how I would be the pit of jokes amongst other stoners, how I would be a disappointment in my parent's life, or how i'd be this haunting occasion in my girlfriend's life. Her roommates tried to get me to sit up and drink water but I was still losing focus amongst all the unrelated thoughts (Tijuana, cartoons, Arabic, uncle, molecules, biology, Nintendo, etc. etc.). They wondered if I might be allergic to marijuana or THC (which I don't know if is possible or not). I continued to trip out for a while longer and must have gone to sleep because I woke up and felt a lot better. I still feel weird and I still find it hard to concentrate but my mind is nowhere near to being as messed up as it was last night.

    I've tripped out on other drugs and I have felt this feeling of no control but last night was the first time it felt violently fast and out of control, it's usually a slow and lethargic crazy. Anyways, definitely never going to smoke again. It's obviously not for me.
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    The conscious mind, the "you" of which you're aware of, is just the tip of the iceberg. There's far more of you of which you're not aware, the unconscious mind. The kinds of fear and trauma that lead to panic attacks are rarely consciously recognized. Anyone who claims to always be relaxed is in denial.
  16. Richi Richi

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    What would HHDL say to this, phrased as a question? If anyone today is always relaxed, surly he's my first and best guess as the leading candidate.
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    "Marijuana adulterated with other drugs can also produce a bad trip, although this occurs less frequently than is commonly believed.

    In describing their fears and anxieties, marijuana smokers inevitably speak of "paranoia," using the term to describe a wide range of emotional states from mild discomfort to terror. One of the most common negative feelings experienced by smokers is the suspicion that they are not really liked by other people who are present, or that, aware of their state, nonusers are looking down on them."

    i have been smoking weed for awhile, and i still get "bad trips".
    it happens when i smoke with people i am uncomfortable around.
    what they say, how they sound when they say it, vibes and all that seem tenfold.
    i believe what happens is, just like when u smoke weed and you get a thought, that transends into a ton of other thoughts/ideas, the same thing happens here, except they are "negatively influenced".
    its not just novices this happens to, but they are more susseptable.

    hey, if weed were legal, people wouldnt have to deal with the clowns that make them feel uncomfortable. then this wouldnt be so much of a problem.
  18. Thedayoudied Thedayoudied

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    weed and acid are both psychoactives.
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    Use your brain....

    I think that's a very good analogy.

    My cousin had a similar experience when she was 15. My first reaction was that her smoke must have been laced with PCP, or something else I was unfamiliar with. When I found out who she had smoked it with, I knew right away that this wasn't the case.

    Well, that was 9 years ago, and she just recently started smoking again occasionally. She hasn't had the same problem.

    I think "bad marijuana trips" don't exsist, but a bad reaction from the psychoactive elements does. It is probably more common in younger, developing minds, but that should make you realize that this can happen to anyone, at any age.

    It's hard to tell someone who goes through this, to try it again, but if I expected the same feeling I had when I first smoked, every time I smoke, I would be kicking a lot of dealer ass.

    As for some of the prior posts, I noticed one person said they felt emotions when high, that they have never experienced sober. That is how The Doors got their name. When the doors of perception are opened, some minds aren't ready.

    Most peoples' lives are like a DVD menu screen...repetitive ad nauseum, not many options, and certainly not entertaining after a while.

    I have never had a bad trip. Not with copious amounts of LSD, or (delta-9)THC (yes, you could include all the other cannabinoids, but this one is the most closely associated with the psychadelic properties of pot).

    I'm sorry I didn't have time to read all the other posts, lord knows we all wish for more time in a day, but I wanted to post this incase there are any numbskulls out there making fun of people for a genetic predisposition to hypersensitivity of psychoactive substances.

    Nothing that is non-essential to life is universally acceptable. So, don't get stoned, and claim pot is harmless.

    I have smoked nearly everyday since I was 13. I'm 27 now, and I'll be cremated with a pound of the best "Aero" I can get my grubby little hands on.

    Peace & love to the world!




    What you described sounds like a serious medical condition not associated with marijuana useage.

    The receptors in the brain that (delta-9)THC molecules attach to are partial receptors. If you were experiencing convultions, this has nothing to do with pot. I am not a doctor, but I understand enough about human physiology to know marijuana alone cannot cause muscle spasms. See a doctor, and be honest about your smoking habits.


    If you are planning on smoking for the first time, or know someone who is:

    I would think this is obvious, but alas.....

    Think of trying new things like jumping a ramp on a dirtbike. You would never jump 200ft on your first try right? Start small, and work your way up to the perfect dosage (yes, you are using a drug). "Commercial" bud contains anywhere from 2% to 10% THC. When you buy a bag, say 1 ounce, you don't know the concentration. Even in the same bag, you may have one "cola", or plant top, that was exposed to more sunlight, and therefore, able to produce more mind-bending (delta-9)THC. On the other side of the coin, if your weed has been compacted for transport, you may pull out a part containing mostly male plant parts, which have a much lower concentration of cannabinoids.

    That means taking one puff of some "Chronic", or "hydro", could be as many as 20 times more potent than the weed you have tried before. So, smoking only one bowl, is like smoking 20!!!!

    You could possibly have a 1000% potency variance in two buds that are smashed together (as most imported pot is).

    Now, for people like me, we are looking for the best White Russian we can find, and no amount of pot will be too much. I once smoked a half pound with 4 friends in a little closet, with the occassional acquaintence stopping in for a few joints, in the course of 10 hours. However, when I first started smoking at 10-years old, I was stealing roaches from my aunt's stash. So, I was forced to start with small amounts.

    Hope that helps, and enjoy!
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    I've known a few...

    I have smoked for 30 years now, almost every day, and never had a negative experience with Marijuana.

    I have, however, known 2 people (out of hundreds that I have smoked with) who have had "bad trips" smoking pot. Both were female. Both got really paranoid, and had very fast heart rates, and acted in a frightened manner. After some calm talking to, and lying down and relaxing, both came through without any ill effect.

    One of those people I have lost contact with. The other has smoked on numerous occasions since her "episode" without any further problems.

    I think two things are at work here:

    1) Some people are just much more sensitive to THC than others, and it can affect them in a way that is unpleasant with a very fast heart rate, intensely heightened senses, and paranoia.

    2) Marijuana varies widely in potency and effect, and combined with effects of the mental state of the user, being agitated, uneasy, afraid, anxious, etc, could likely cause the some of the same effects as listed above.

    So it's clear that cannabis isn't for everyone all the time. That being said, it's also clear that negative experiences with cannabis are relatively rare, and, to my knowledge, harmless and easily dealt with.

    All in all, cannabis itself causes little or no harm to people or society, it is the laws prohibiting cannabis that cause the damage to society through the creation of unregulated criminal distribution networks.

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