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Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by budwheizzah, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Hi there,

    I run an Internet radio show which puts a lot of attention into recreational marijuana use and the humor that can come out of it. We've got 6 stations (Montreal, Florida, Rhode Island, U.K.,Australia and Calgary) and we're more of a community than a radio station.

    I invite you to check out the station and its website. We also feature shroom trip movies and so forth. Give it a try, and let's talk about what you think of the show(s) on this thread!

    The show's main website is :
    You can also step in our chatroom at

    Hope to see you around either in this thread or in our chat!

    For those who wanna check out some of our shroom tripping, enjoy the following video: a shroom trip involving 22 people on an island in the middle of a lake!!

    PS: Yes, I AM the stonest host on any form of radio you'll listen to.
    --Bong.Dhs.Org - The WEED Station--

    The Stoner's perfect internet radio station! Recorded and live broadcasts from Montreal (Canada), Calgary (Canada), Florida (US), Rhode Island(US), United Kingdom and Australia!

  2. Phewwwww Phewwwww

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    S'up Bud? Great Site.. Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. budwheizzah budwheizzah

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    Hey, thanks for the compliment! ;-)

    Glad you like it... (immediately hits the bong)
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    i thought they would never make a site that highlights recreational use and how fun it can be (well one as good as this one at least..) ... thank you

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