get rid of thc in less than a week

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how to get rid of thc

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  1. memelas memelas

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    undefinedundefinedundefinedi got a solution that it will work for everybody, fat ,skinny, or bulk size is for everybody , to get rid of THC of your body. investment is pricelessssssssss.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    it only take about 20 dollars and some dedication the program thata i did. im in the military .i have random THC or drug test for every 2 week or less . i did lot of research , beacause im a smoker a harcore smoker ,that wanted to smoke at least once a month or a week because in the military you have to be drug free. i saw all the comments made by various web sites of weed ganga . it does combine , lot of running , water or tea, or gatorade and not eating for a day just drinking fluids.

    here is the gimmick go to a sports store, i went to target to buy a sauna suit its total price with taxes 10 dlls . go buy some regular original green tea with caffeine it comes about 3 dollars a box, then buy your favorite sports drink i preffer gatorade, and all of this with a week or less your body will be rid o thc .

    1st day
    is to put your sauna suit without clothes and run for 2 hours the main thing is to sweat gallons of water. after the workout drink lots of water to replace the water that you used to work out .this first day only eat salads with some touch of vinegar.
    2nd day
    do the same thin run for 2 or 1 1/2 and sweat like hell but this day you have to make a sacrifice of not eating nothing this day just the fluids ,the green tea and lot of water
    this process will make the thc get out of your blood and fat lipids from your body,it will take only 2 day of this process it will come out.
    3rd day do the same process of working out but this day you can eat some fruits or somehting healthy and a lot of fluid too.
    4th day the last day work out 2 hours in the morning and 2 hour at night all of these days of work out you should have your sauna suit. all the time.
    by the 5th day you should be clean ,drink lot of fluids this day make this day a rest period if you have doubt of this training program buy a urine test and test your self it does work for heavy user work out to the 7th day., and you will be clean too.
  2. melanotaenia melanotaenia

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    while this may be a good opinion on your part, without evidence to back up your claims, there is no evidence to back up your methodology.
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