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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by lea1234, Nov 11, 2007.

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    my boyfriend has had his for 15 yrs and i accidentally knocked over and it broke cleanly right in middle ( i guess its the chamber ?) basically right where you would grab it with hand if that helps....i am desperate to find one similar or find a way to have repaired by glass artist is 13 inch pyrex glass the unique part is the s curve for hand grip - lsee this link for one similar in design
    13" Cool Style tobacco water pipe

    see below for my attachment of course its not that thin its 12 inch high very thick glass but need one similar in design color not issue its the glass dots he is concerned about
    Attached Thumbnails[IMG]

    the attached thumbnail is what i am looking for
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    That's too bad, but it happens to everyone (well alot of us)

    When my first bong broke, I was crushed. I reassembled it because it only barely broke, but it wasn't the same. It's kind of unlikely you can find someone who will fix a dirty bong, or one exactly similar (then again you might).

    Now is the time to go to a headshop and splurge. Get a nice heady bong in remembrance of your lost friend. :)
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    You could, theoretically, get a shop that makes and repairs lab apparatus to fix it for you. You'd find them in the Yellow Pages. They might not want to work on "paraphernalia", even if it's clean, and it would probably cost more than buying a new one.
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    if you clean it out completely of any residue, and it is a very clean break and if you know someone who can blow glass, than you may be able to get it fixed, if not than i would recomend going down to the local headshop
  5. Coltrane Coltrane

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    Water Pipe / Bong Repair

    Hello All -
    I know this is an old post but in case you're wondering - I am a person that actually repairs glass on glass waterpipes/bongs/other glass pieces.

    I repair in Atlanta, Ga and can ship and receive pieces.
    My prices are reasonable and my work is excellent.

    I can be reached at (404) 449 - 5296 or via email at

    Please text over a picture of your break and I can give you a quote! Thanks!


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