Glass Pipe Screen?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by jpal, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. jpal jpal

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    Just purchased my first glass pipe and asked if it required a screen. What they gave me was a small glass three pronged thing with two different sized ends. How is this supposed to work? Really never used a glass pipe and wondered what this was and if I really needed it?
  2. sterbo sterbo

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    Welcome jpal
    I give 'em to the cat to play with and
    my pipes are none the worse for wear...
  3. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    Just drop one into the bottom of the bowl. They are really easy to lose though, so be careful.

    No, a screen is not really needed. ;)
  4. pkster8235 pkster8235

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    You don't need to use a screen in your glass pipe, but I find it makes the experience a bit easier on you.. every now and then I would get weed or ash in my mouth, but now that I have a screen it doesn't happen, and I don't find any cons to using a glass screen. (Although they are $4 each where I bought mine.. kind of expensive for a tiny piece of glass..).
    Sounds like they sold you a jack style screen.. I've been using the daisy style, which work well. I assume the jack style are similar.
  5. jpal jpal

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    for the replies! Useful info from all. Sounds like you can use them or not. Thinking that I'll use it.....until I lose it!

    Thanks again.

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  6. cannabliss1 cannabliss1

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    I only use screens when I smoke kief so that none of it pulls through, otherwise I don't use them at all.
  7. turtle blue turtle blue

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    once you get your pipe resiny most of the ash is caught by the tar on the inside of the bowl
  8. SpiralArchitect SpiralArchitect

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    At times I really wish I had some glass screens when I use my bong, the ash catcher creates a lot of suction and sometimes you lose substantial amounts (well, relative) of weed sucking through. Next time I'm at the head shop I should get some to see how I like em....
  9. Lord Vapor Lord Vapor

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    I have never heard of glass screens b4, sounds like a good idea. I always break out an old metal screen for smoking resin/keif/shake but I am going to check into these today when i am at the head shop.
  10. feedyourhead feedyourhead

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    be careful with these, they fall out when you cash the bowl OFTEN and usually look like chunks of resin when they do. i've lost about 10 this way, out of various smoking implements, so i just don't buy them anymore... but they're great besides that :)
  11. pkster8235 pkster8235

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    That's true! They also have a tendency to jump out of my hand too when I am trying to put them in the pipe. Luckily, after smoking a bowl or two they tend to stick where they should from the resin.
  12. chadwick chadwick

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    if you grind your herb up realy fine like i do than its a great thing or when using kif othr than that its not realy that nessisarybut is a nice luxury to have around when you do need it

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