Gram to Hash ratio

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by KRazY_KuSh, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. KRazY_KuSh KRazY_KuSh

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    How many grams would you say it takes to nice little piece of hash? Lets say 2in long & pretty thin if you understand...

    Using a 4 piece grinder & collecting the kief..
  2. Frostb1te Frostb1te

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    how dry is the bud usually the more moist the less kief in my experience
  3. Le0n Le0n

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    Make sure the bud is dry, also make sure that the bud is not warm. If the bud is too sticky and warm it will be hard to harvest the pollon.

    Place your grinder and bud in the freezer for 10 minutes to achieve the right consitency to harvest hashish.

    Depending ont he quality of your herb, the amount of pollon will vary, and although i cannot give you a ratio, I can tell you that 2g of decent weed should get you a single hit of hash of weight at, say, 0.2g.

    This is an estimate, but you are not going to get a high level of pollon from a single gram, especially if that gram is of poor quality.

    It has been said that a low yield sticky bud produced better hash, which is true, but it is still better to cool the buds and grinder down, then harvest.
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  4. JimmyBruiser JimmyBruiser

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    I haven't smoked much keif, but when I harvested my own, I ground up exactly a gram of high mids, and got some keif from that. When I smoked that keif, (all of it) I got super stoned and even had a headache later.
    So maybe it depends on the potency and the person, but the keif from 1 gram or even less does the trick for me completely.
  5. jdogg2112 jdogg2112

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    Given the wide variation you can see in kief production, and the wide variation in what you could mean by a "pretty thin" piece of hash, that's a really difficult question to answer. ;)

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