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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by A2hempchild, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. A2hempchild A2hempchild

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    So I'm thinking about being michael phelps for halloween. I would wear a swim cap with some goggles around my head have on some athletic shorts and like a jacket or something and have 7 medals around my neck. Oh yeah and I would carry a bong around with me. What do you guys think?

    What are you all being for halloween?
  2. lindseynicole lindseynicole

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    haha, thats funny...
  3. cannabicide420 cannabicide420

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    im going to school as batman. ill also be smoking weed in a batman costume. i dont know how many people can say that.
  4. jakspar0w jakspar0w

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    haha funny idea, i dare you to bring around a bong.........as long as you have weed with it and i am near you so i can smoke it...haha.
    ps. I'll bring the lighter
  5. Young Nasty Dan Young Nasty Dan

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    im going as jesus. haha how awesome is partying with drinking/smoking jesus going to be?
  6. joshpackr joshpackr

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    I have a few ideas. Bitten vampire hunter is the one I will probably go with. I picked up an old school suit with a ruffle type tie to wear. A little white/blue face paint, some gray hair dye, a little dark eye-liner to give me that "turning to a vampire" look, a cross, some "holy water", a couple of fang marks on my neck, a little fake blood, a mirror to test people with and a wooden steak or two and I'll be good to go. ;) (Think Peter Vincent in "Fright Night")

    Some of the props will serve as great ice breakers as I'm going to a club/bar on Halloween.
  7. helfiire88 helfiire88

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  8. jerzysanchez jerzysanchez

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    i am wearing a giant paper bag (like the ones you put leaves and yard waste in) with a capital D on it.
  9. weee[d] weee[d]

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  10. Laserbrain Laserbrain

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    I'm going to be a pilgrim that's been shot multiple times in the face.
  11. batmanfan batmanfan

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    I go as batman every year. cause nobody knows batman like i do. but this year i decided to do something different. the crow
  12. emuhhleee emuhhleee

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    i think i'm going to get a sheet & cut holes in it & be a ghost.
    i'm way too poor to do anything awesome.
  13. desiremj desiremj

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    Haha.. I decided to wear my DARE shirt from school. I am way too lazy to put a costume together.
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  14. Bhikku Bhikku

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    We're not going out now, but we were going to a dead celebrity party and I was going to be Eric Clapton's son. I was just going to get stoned and carry around a cardboard window all night.
  15. A2hempchild A2hempchild

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    my phelps costume worked perfectly. Everyone thought it was nuts. Made for one hell of a halloween. Hope you all had fun.

    PS. jerzysanchez i love the d-bag costume, how'd that go over?
  16. toothfairy420 toothfairy420

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    I started out as a dragonfly, but my wings became cumbersome so I took off all my dragonfly stuff, down to my black full body suit and mask and became the shadow...the shadow was a lot more fun than the dragonfly, and it/I was extremely creepy.
  17. Lilpotmaster Lilpotmaster

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    i was a construction worker :D
  18. TheNomadicGanja TheNomadicGanja

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    i got a box, cut out 2 square eyes and a mouth then wrote box-man at the top :) oh and i also cushioned it with towels
  19. scribbz scribbz

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    i wore a bow-tie and this pair of boxers i have that look like a tuxedo
  20. joshpackr joshpackr

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    I wish I still had one. haha

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