Having sex when your high

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by eaglez771, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. eaglez771 eaglez771

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    Anyone ever had sex while high? I heard its supposed to feel absolutely amazing, but i've only done it sober :(.

    That brings me to another question: Would you encourage having sex while high? Reason why Im asking this is because some people have told me that once you have sex while baked, you never wanna have sex while your sober ever again, and that sober sex doesnt even feel that good any more. Then again, part of me really wants to experience the feeling of having sex while high just to see what its like!

    Anyone have experiences to share?
  2. rich420 rich420

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    I've only heard this myth (i think its a myth) about having sex on ecstacy. I've had sex on both and to this day I still enjoy sex.

    It's better high, but I notice it wears me out more. I've also noticed that im not as high afterwards compared to if I were just to kick it and enjoy my high.
  3. tdlex420 tdlex420

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    Having sex while high is very fun, not only that but I seem to last as long as I want when I am high. I wouldnt go so far as to say you will not want to have sex while not high after doing it, but it definitely increases the pleasure especially if your partner is high as well.
  4. vagman vagman

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    I am almost positive that only comes from having sex while on opiates. Having sex while high is great, and it is better than having sex sober obviously, but it won't make you want to stop having sober sex lol.
  5. rich420 rich420

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    From my own personal experience, you don't lose any pleasure from having sex while on opiates, you do lose your sex drive though. (im speaking for myself, not any other opiate user)
  6. VaporizorMariJ VaporizorMariJ

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    Sex while high is extremely pleasant when your in a comfortable situation with the girl, for example a girl who is cool with getting high, the fact that you both have cotton mouth wouldnt be a turn off haha or she understands that you just want to do the lazy positions because your soo high haha(laying on my side and her back facing me is amazing because it takes so little work haha). Iv been with girls where I felt like I didnt want to be high... but my gf right now gets baked with me and we have amazing sex while high so it can swing either way imo.
  7. eaglez771 eaglez771

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    Hahaha nice...my girlfriend smokes alot too but for some reason we havent had sex while high and im like trying to figure out how that hasnt happened yet lol. Maybe ill just mention to her that I wanna fuck when im baked outta my mind and see what she says lol.
  8. greeen1 greeen1

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    do it. you wont regret it, i promise
  9. ad356 ad356

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    my wife and i have had sex while high, it was the best. since im married i don't really have worry about STDS or getting her pregnant. i would advise that only seriously committed people have sex while high. your not going to want use a condom, that's for sure. i dont worry about any of this, my wife is on birth control and i trust she's not messing around. if she gets pregnant, she is my wife so its not that big of a deal. i cannot wait until i get hired into my new job. were going to get high and have sex again, its wonderful. again, its only for long term relationships.
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  10. Passage Passage

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    It's pretty fucking sweet.
  11. Wicked Wicked

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    Sex while high could end up one of two ways, either it can be a very tiring task that takes forever, or it can be the best way to experience it. Truthfully, it's really a luck of the draw. I've never had a bad sexual experience while high, but I have had a few that seemed to go on forever (almost to the point where I was even wondering if it would ever end), but that seemed to be the days where I was either really stoned or had a long day at work.

    So, try it. What's the worst that can happen?
  12. locket locket

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    I'm gonna get me some of it tonight :p
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  13. High Mom High Mom

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    Fuck your brains out while high. It's great. Just wear a rubber. HighMom loves you & doesn't want you catching anything.
  14. rwb214 rwb214

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    sex when high.. it's kind of work and it takes forever, i'll go until my back hurts before i finish.
  15. TwoGreenOneRed TwoGreenOneRed

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    Sex is awesome, and even more so while high. It's a good time, go for it;).
  16. sterbo sterbo

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    Don't have sex while you're high, you'll never want to stop.
    So who then is going to go to work to bring home the bacon to pay for your future piglet's education?
  17. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Sex while high has the potential to be awesome, and I've done in countless times. That being said, its not going to turn what would otherwise be seen as "mediocre" sex and turn it into something amazing. If you have good, enjoyabve sex with your partner, adding weed to the mix isn't going to hurt anything, and may certainly be fun and reawarding. However, it won't "ruin" sex for you, or otherwise change your overall outlook on sex. Like most things in life, weed has the potenial to enhance things, but overdoing it (getting so baked you can barely move, etc) can actually work in reverse and minimize the good feelings associated with sex. There really CAn be "too much of a good thing"
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  18. moedojuana moedojuana

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    I think whoever told you that confused weed for extacy because that isn't true at all. Sex high is cool but it's not like amazing or anything it's just sex but you're high. It's really nothing special I'd say. Especially depending on what kind of high you are. If I'm on GDP I'm dead and want to sleep, nothings gonna turn me on.... I mean, whatever. Maybe it does it for other people, but I don't think it's as amazing as your imagination may believe it out to be.

    See for yourself!
  19. Green Springs Green Springs

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    great for me. but i like doing just about about everything while baked.
  20. laCster laCster

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    it feels good, but i tend to not do as much "work"
    ...if you are looking for mind-boggling orgasms try
    any type of amphetamine..

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