Head or Body Highs?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by SpeedohSwimmer, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. SpeedohSwimmer SpeedohSwimmer

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    I'm just curious what people like more? A body high or a head high. Most of the time when I smoke I just get a head high and I feel lazy and relaxed. I guess cause of the quality? Although one time I smoked some that made my entire body feel awesome. The music we had on, I could feel like every beat it was weird.
  2. Frid Frid

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    I get a body high almsot everytime from mursh
  3. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    I know that often people associate indica with body high
    Sativa is for mind high

    But I could be mixing them up cuz im high as a fucking kite
  4. Frid Frid

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    your correct
  5. Kushy Kushy

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    I find head highs more fun to watch TV, talk with friends, laugh, etc...

    Body highs are more fun to have when youre just by yourself ( I love listening to music on an intense body high). Sometimes when I listen to music I feel like I become the strings of the guitarist and I feel like I'm being "picked" by the guitarist haha, not sure if anyone else gets this on intense body highs while listening to music)
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  6. Piff Starr Piff Starr

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    Yeah dude, smoke some headies, chat with your friends, crack some jokes, watch a bit of TV. I hear you on that.
  7. eaglez771 eaglez771

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    I like body highs the best cuz I get them all the time and theyre a ton of fun!
  8. jay_aye_dee_420 jay_aye_dee_420

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    When I first started smoking, all I got were body highs. It kinda sucked. But now I get mostly head highs and its all good :)
  9. MagicBuddha714 MagicBuddha714

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    I like head high, its funner when you're with your friends.
  10. Nando Nando

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    Man I always get so high that I can't decide if i'm body or mind high.
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  11. Guru Guru

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    I love both.

    Body high is the best thing ever for relaxing after a long days work. There is nothing better than putting on some underground hip-hop or reggae or anything with a slow tempo and just CHILLLIN!

    Head highs are much better in a social environment like when your having some deep conversation with friends or even just sitting around telling jokes and stories.

    I really couldn't say which I prefer, for me it's like comparing a steak and a pizza, both are awesome, but in totally different ways :) Although I'm always on the look out for some strong sativa (head high) as it is more rare around these parts....
  12. doyoulikegreen doyoulikegreen

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    +1.. and I totally understand that level intensity with music and a body high :) Fun stuff
  13. Toxik Toxik

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    when im body high my legs feel really cool and like my body tingles wherever i move lol its great
  14. KoolWhip420 KoolWhip420

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    Head high = daytime
    Body high = nighttime
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  15. Vince331 Vince331

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    Body high.. I can feel this sensation in my heart that is just amazing
  16. Zebra Zebra

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    Head high is so much better, but it's normally good quality stuff that gives you a head high. Body is really good too, but head is much more enjoyable in my opinion.
  17. BigMac1337 BigMac1337

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    I've been contemplating which one I like more, and I just realized that I love them both... just gotta have the timing.

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