Headache after smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Medicalifornication, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    This never happens to me personally but 2 of my friends who I smoke with always complain of headaches after smoking.

    Not RIGHT after smoking though, more as a hangover next day sort of thing (we usally smoke late at night)

    Is this a commen thing? Or are my friends heads going to soon explode....
  2. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Smoke causes some people's sinuses to block up, resulting in sinus headaches. When it happens to me, I take a couple of pseudo-ephedrine tablets for the congestion and a couple of ibuprofen for the headache.
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  3. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    Allright, I will have them try that out.

    Thank you my Buddhist friend =).
  4. sanfranciscosadhu sanfranciscosadhu

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    I used to feel sometimes like that when smoking. Now that I use a vaporizer almost exclusively that's just not the case. Much clearer and pleasant high. I think it's the carbon monoxide and other stuff like it caused by combustion that causes these undesirable side effects.
  5. nikk nikk

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    less reggies, smoke more of that doja
  6. TwoGreenOneRed TwoGreenOneRed

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    Yes I also experience this from time to time. Even when I smoke really dank bud, if I smoke heavily in one sitting (more than 3 grams) it sometimes gives me a headache. I thought headaches were products of low quality weed, but now idk. Isn't high quality pot supposed to heal headaches? Aren't migraines one of the qualifying medical marijuana conditions?
  7. quentin132003 quentin132003

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    I have actually used marijuana to great effect on migraines (I have a chronic conditon that gives me debilitating migraines at least 2 times a week it is not legal where I live currently but here is to hoping it will be soon). I had been on multiple medications and it was the only thing that had a quick and total effect on me. However I usually achieve this with one method of consumption. Vaporizing. Extracting the THC from the plant either through extract, cooking, or vaporizing are three of the healthier ways to get the cannaboids into your system. When smoking you get much more than the desired compounds and can even create new ones from the chemical change. There are also different personal body chemistrys. While vaping my get rid of my migraines it may do absolutely nothing for the next person just like any other medicine. Our friend MJ just seems to help more than most of them.
  8. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    Hehe I do as much as possible. Come to think of it I havent smoked mids in quite a while.

    And Thanks for the imput others. Im guessing that vaporizing should help. Seems logical.
  9. Uncle-Junior Uncle-Junior

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    if you smoke a blunt at noon, and go on with your day... at around 5:00 you're gonna be burnt out, and a headache can come with this. Smoking again, or taking some advil can remedy this.

    getting a headache the next day... and saying it's from weed.. now that's just noob talk.
  10. lildevilpunk8008 lildevilpunk8008

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    ive had this happen to but its not that comman for me. ususally if i get to smoke all day like a half or more then by the end of the day sometimes my head will be pounding. i personally think i get hedaches from smoking sometime because of all the caughing that takes place when i smoke.
  11. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Less smoking - more vaping. Regs are more likely to give you a headache than KB because you're inhaling more smoke for the same amount of high. If you're vaping, it doesn't matter. You never inhale any smoke.
  12. GrandmasterWang GrandmasterWang

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    Vaping still gives you a headache

    Alright i have been smoking reguarly for the last couple of weeks and just the past two nights i have gotten terrible headaches in the morning different than a hangover but still hurt. It has nothing to do with the carcinogens or tht shit for a headache i use the vap mostly and i only have gotten headaches after vaping multiple times in a night. I think its from getting high and then taking in more thc at a slow progressive pace tht gives you a headache.

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