Hibiscus mistaken for pot, home raided by police

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by Greenbud, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Greenbud Greenbud

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    Plant is called hibiscus, but it won't get you high

    Officials mistake the popular foliage for pot and storm home of contractor

    By S.K. BARDWELL | Houston Chronicle

    Landscape contractor Blair Davis was in his northwest Harris County home around 2 p.m. Tuesday when there was a knock at his door.

    Davis said he hadn't even gotten his hand on the doorknob when it flew open and he was looking at the barrel of a pistol.

    Behind the gun were about 10 members of the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force, who burst into the home, guns drawn, and began shouting at him to get down on the floor.

    There on the floor, Davis said, it took a while to figure out that what had caused the swarm of lawmen to descend upon him was the hibiscus in his front yard.

    That's right, hibiscus.

    The foliage of the Texas Star hibiscus, a native plant that's growing in popularity, vaguely resembles that of marijuana.

    But: "It's got white buds on it," Davis said. "Hello."

    Davis had several of the plants in his yard, where he grows stock for his business.

    "They were in containers," he said: "I don't want to say potted plants."

    Evidently, some well-meaning but horticulturally challenged citizen turned Davis in. Davis said the team of narcotics officers combed his house for about an hour, at one point discussing whether red and gold bamboo growing in his window might be marijuana. They also asked what he did with the watermelons and cantaloupes growing in his back yard.

    "What would I do with them?" Davis said.

    Finally the officers gave up and left, leaving Davis only a "citizen's information card" with "closed-report" written on it.

    "No apology, no nothing," Davis said. "I realize they have a job to do, but this seems a little bizarre."

    Calls to the task force were not returned Wednesday.

    Davis hasn't let the episode put him off the Texas Star hibiscus. "It tolerates heat and drought and our rains," he said. "It's a great plant, except for the police."
  2. Higher Self Higher Self

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    Congradulations Mr. Davis...

    You've just had your Civil Liberties encroached upon, without so much as a reach around, and you appear to be a good sport about it. How many more innocent folks are going to be terrorized in the name of 'Just Us'?

    The mind set of LEO's whose mission is cannabis eradication has become dangerously close to fanatical at times... The part that kills me is the perception that targets are things, not people, and that there is no need for so much as an apology for the intrusion, guns drawn in innocent folks faces, being forced to the ground, and the such, all precipitated from phone calls of concerned neighbors without so much as any kind of investigation or validation process.

    WHOSE GONNA BE THE NEXT RECIPIENT OF THIS INSANITY? When are people gonna wake up to the cruelty of it all? Surely not until the CONSENSUS REALITY views each and every individual as a Divine Aspect of the Whole. Until then, you can anticipate more of the same cruel behaviour performed in the name of Good, or is it God?
  3. hauptmann hauptmann

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    Why didn't they check out the plants first to see if the tip was right?!? Wouldnt that be common sense?

    Hibiscus looks nothing like marijuana from what I have seen. I have no idea how someone could confuse the two. Let alone have a police raid over it.

    Then again it is Texas so lets just be happy they didn't execute him for it. :)
  4. VolcomStoned VolcomStoned

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    ok so here is a pic of texas star hibiscus.


    ok, without the FLOWERS i can see how someone who has never come in contact with real marijuana could mistaken it for such maybe..
    but the flowers should be a dead give away..

    i think the cops were having a boring day and decided to have a laugh..
  5. Suetaz Suetaz

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    This is the pick that went with the article:

    Blair Davis with his Texas Star hibiscus plant.

    From the picture, you have to admit it does look a LITTLE like weed, but wouldn't you think these officers would have had enough practice at busting marijuana growers that they should be able to recognize a plant? They should at least train their LEO's properly before sending them out on a bust. How stupid is that to try to bust someone for weed when you don't even know what you're looking for!
  6. Kannibal Kannibal

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    They also asked what he did with the watermelons and cantaloupes growing in his back yard.

    :laugh: maybe they were hungry.
  7. strange_blaze strange_blaze

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    That is ridiculous. What happened to traing police officers in these areas?

    I can't believe that these members of the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force wouldnt take the time to actually look at the plants (seeing as how they should be trained to recognize drugs as they are part of the narcotics task force, common sense no?) and see if they were actually cannabis plants after receiving one tip. Instead they bust in there and order an innocent man to the ground at the end of a loaded gun only to find no illegal activity whatsoever. And why the hell are they asking about the watermelons and canteloupe, what the hell does that have to do with anything.
    I hope they were at least embarrased.
  8. Greenbud Greenbud

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    Hey, Sue, thanks for putting up that picture. I was getting ready to add it to the article. ;)

    Red and gold bamboo looks NOTHING like marijuana. These narcs obviously have no idea what marijuana plants look like, which is......well......ridiculous. And what was the point of asking him about the watermelons and cantaloupes? Who freakin' cares what he does with them?

    I guess there really isn't much for LE to do in Harris County, Texas.
  9. Herb Ninja Herb Ninja

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    Is this a joke? I used to live in a house surrounded by hibiscus bushes and they don't look at all like Marijuana. What is this world coming to when people have their house stormed by armed men over any plant, let alone hibiscus perceived as marijuana! Peace, HN-
  10. Dingaling Dingaling

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    I can see where the "good samaratan"( :rolleyes: ) who reported the guy may have gotten confused, especially if there were no flowers blooming, at the time, but the cops who came out, to investigate should have known what they were looking for, and known, immediately, that the hibiscus was not it!

    The watermelon, and cantelope thing blows my mind - who in the world cares?!?!
  11. DyingToLive210 DyingToLive210

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    That is so rediculess

    how can they mix them up i mean marijuana has a very unique smell for one and bamboo? i think the narcs might have been a little high themselves....and wouldnt it be common sense that he eats the watermelon and conalopes duh. what are the police playing at they should no at first glance what pot looks like they are stupid so im out peace
  12. Suetaz Suetaz

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    You'd think the neighbor or whoever called it in would realize that this guy is a Landscape Contractor and of course he is going to have potted plants in his yard for his business. I can't wait for the day when it's legalized and when some idgit calls the cops to complain about somebody growing weed they can say, "WHO CARES!" and hang up on them. Even after it's legalized, there will still be those that won't know it's been legalized and there will be those that don't believe it or will complain anyway.

    An hour? They were just killing time and were obviously desperate to find something for their efforts. They didn't want to go away disappointed with no bust. Gee, that might make them look bad. :rolleyes: They should have checked the place out, apologized and left, but no, they drag it out for an hour and have the nerve to ask him about his watermelon and cantaloupes? That's sounds just a little too desperate. Only the Reefer Mad would be that desperate to make a bust that they would actually inspect plants that look nothing like marijuana.
  13. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    I have hibiscus growing in front of my house...

    ...better get me a license for my canteloupe though...might be loaded :rolleyes:

    ...anyone want a cookie?

    Mama Budz
  14. psthbng psthbng

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    I hope the newspapers pick this story up. I hope Mr. Davis plans on moving with the millions that litigation should get him for this unwarrented (pun) intrusion. Thx

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