High vs Stoned?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by CRIMSONxSOLDIER, Jun 23, 2008.


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    I recently read in another thread that when you vape you get "high" not "stoned". Instead of getting that nice stoney feeling you get a really good high.


    Whats the difference between the two? How is the 'high' feeling different than the 'stoney' feeling? What's the difference in feeling between the two when you vape vs smoke or whatever (and i am aware of how vaping and smoking are different ive just never really vaped so im unsure of the way it feels between the two).

  2. pkster8235 pkster8235

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    Honestly, to me it's all the same. I use them interchangeably to mean the same thing. If I am high/stoned/baked to a larger extent, I will say I am "sooo high/stoned/baked/etc" or "very".. or some other word meaning the same thing.
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    I had a nice little explanation but for some reason it was 'too short and didn't register.' Anyway, it pretty much said alot of people think of 'stoned' as something like 'couch-locked.' Like, you are staying there, plan to sleep right where you are ahaha. 'Highs' very from a slight buzz to very high but still able to function. I too use these interchangeably but if you were to use them in different context, this would be it.
  4. circasurvivefan circasurvivefan

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    Yeah, high to me is like the giggles losing your mind kind of high when all the stupid shit you're thinking comes out. Stoned is when you just sit there unable to really do much but stare at the boob tube or enjoy some tunes. I use them interchangeably but I'm pretty sure that's the standard difference.
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  5. Richi Richi

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    High would be energetic.

    Stoned would be lethargic.
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    I will be honest in saying that I don't feel a huge difference between the high from vaping and the high from just smoking. I vape now because it is better for me and I just quit cigs, but I don't think it is THAT much different. I tend to have a little bit less of the couch locked effect when I vape but not significantly different. It is still there. I do have to say though that I giggle again now when I vape. I hadn't giggled from smoking in a long time (and I mean that very Christmasy giggle) until I started vaping. Now, roughly every other session or so, I find myself giggling again. Then again, I suppose that could be a mental/emotional thing rather than a vape vs. smoke thing.

    I am not even stoned (or high) and I just totally rambled. I wonder if it will make sense to anyone other than me. :)
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    I coldn't have said it better myself....That is the definition of high.VS.Stoned
  8. Merry-juana Merry-juana

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    High: Energetic, you feel like you want to do something you love doing, and you are generaly ecstatic.

    Stoned: Couchlock, you just chill out and enjoy the feeling.

    Personally I love being high the most, but then at the end of the night I don't mind getting stoned and going to sleep.
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    stoned is more of a confused out of it high like "man that guy is STONED! he is drinking out of the cats water bowl!"

    in my book it goes


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    where does blazed go? inbetween baked and gone? =P
  11. Cannibis Cowboy Cannibis Cowboy

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    My thoughts exactly.
  12. bubba259 bubba259

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    get blazed out of there.


    gone is where i seem to be most of the time haha.
    gone is like where youre not saying anything because you cant think of a rational thing to say. you just sit there chillin listeningt to music or staring at something random.

    my favorite is high for sure tho
  13. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    Buzzed is good for composing music.
    high is good for performing music onstage I find (Especially solos)
    Baked is good for sitting at home with friends... perhaps listening to some tunes, maybe exploring outside.
    Gone is great for just sitting on the couch or bed just complaing to your friend "dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the walls are movinggggggggggggggggggggggggg or "dude have you noticed that buses are like catapillars, eating up all the people and spitten them out?" (I thought of that a while back while high....)
  14. Herbania Herbania

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    I'n general I always considered "stoned" to be the state that follows "high". When I vape I tend to experience a bit longer and SLIGHTLY more intense high stage and the stoned stage seems less like couchlock.

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    I feel the same, I prefer being high over stoned, but both are nice.
  16. 420lovethatCHRONIC 420lovethatCHRONIC

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    There it is, couldnt have said it better myself
  17. DutchMastaa DutchMastaa

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    yea same
  18. sk3y sk3y

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    IMHO, if you hit the weed, and you become impared you are high. If you are so high you can barely function and think, that is when you are stoned.
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    I like getting to the stage, where I'm just scraping the edge of "stoned" Music starts sounding really interesting and I can sort of let my inner child come out and have a romp. What I really hate is one of those semi-buzzes. The ones that make you feel like your brain is floating a little sideways and then you end up with a major headache. :mad:
  20. sk3y sk3y

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    haha when me and my friends get stoned we call it 3 year old mode for obvious reasons

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