Higher with bong or glass pipe?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by RadGuyJeff, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. RadGuyJeff RadGuyJeff

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    Just curious - do U (when smoking alone) get higher when smoking a pipe or a bong? I must know! :)
  2. truth_souljah truth_souljah

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    I have never smoked a bong alone, but I get highest when smoking one with a group. I don't have one in my house for that reason - I'd be too high for too long and never get anything done.
    I have a glass pipe at home, and it does the trick. I'm fairly blazed right now after two bowls.
  3. krad krad

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    Bong, it's more efficient.
  4. Wickedclownz26 Wickedclownz26

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    Bongs will get you more high.
    well at least i get higher with bongs.
    they hold more smoke.
    Gives you nice hits.
    and like krad said it is way more efficent...(less wasted weed)

    For a bong.
    Try using icecubes in the water..
    makes the hit alot smoother.

    But pick what you like.
    and what gets you higher...
    thats the main purpose here...

  5. RadGuyJeff RadGuyJeff

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    Very good post, WickedClown - thanx!:cool:
  6. Knobley Knobley

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    I personally almost find that the biggest determining factor in how high I get is not what method of smoking I use, but rather Set and Setting. Sure, of course I'm going to get much, much higher smoking a gram of sour diesel as opposed to a gram of some dirty schwag. But smoking some weed out of a pipe as opposed to smoking that same weed out of a bong or a joint doesn't make a huge effect on me. There are minor differences, for sure, but I really thing my mood and setting influence how high I get much more than how efficiently I smoke. One of the highest I've gotten was from just smoking a pinner, like .4 grams of some weed. I just sat in my chair for almost 20 minutes, completely still, my thoughts just taking me off to crazy insane places. Out of that same bag of the same weed, I might smoke two or three bowls out of the bong.

    My somewhat rambling point is, even with small amounts of weed and 'inefficient' delivery methods, I'll get really high if the set and setting is right. And on the other side, I've smoked large amounts (of the same weed) out of bongs or other efficient methods, and get as high.

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