Hight Times 420 Party in New York City

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by kaniff, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. kaniff kaniff

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    Date: Monday, April 20th 2009
    Location: New York City*
    Doors: 7 pm / Showtime: 8 pm
    Price: $15 now, $20 day of show
    Hosted by: HIGH TIMES Editors Bobby Black & Vaporella
    Performances by: Prospect Hill, Special Guests
    Celebrity Judges: TBA
    Sponsored by: Advanced Nutrients, BC Northern Lights, NugBrand Clothing & Beta Foods

    *The exact location of this exclusive VIP event will be announced only to ticket buyers, in their email confirmation.

    Only 420 tickets will be sold.
  2. Audio Audio

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    I was considering going, then I went and listened to the band performing, Prospect HIll. WHY IS AN EMO BAND PLAYING AT A 420 PARTY!!?!? What has the music scene come to. I was expecting reggae or reggae-rock and then I hear this. It made me both confused and sad knowing that they would be playing the High Times 420 party, that is NOT music most people want to listen to when they get stoned. The Miss High Times pageant would probably be pretty cool, but not worth $15+a trip to the city, especially since the whole crowd is gonna be stupid emo kids, not my kinda scene. Guess I will be partying with my friends at home on 420 instead of in the city. I also emailed missht@hightimes.com about this lol.
  3. industrialbug industrialbug

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    I totally agree. They should have Slightly Stoopid or something..
  4. ashlee lynn x0 ashlee lynn x0

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    Agreed. Slightly Stoopid would KILL that performance.
  5. kaniff kaniff

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    well they got more performances, just haven't been announced. they just announced Icadon & Rockwilder

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