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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Bankrupt On Selling, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Bankrupt On Selling Bankrupt On Selling

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    I need a idea for a new bowl to make I tryed to make one from wax but told it produces toxic gases so ill just use it to seal a bowl on to my pipe

    please list some ideas for healthy unique bowls i already have a wood bowl and im going to work on bowl made out of a rock soon.

    Im 17 and i just moved so i dont know any one 18 that can use a headshop and i dont live near one

    besides that i just like making my own things i cant wait to get some pics up of some of my creations anyways please give me some ideas for a bowl hopefully something found around the house thats SAFE ive been smoking for 4 years and plan on smoking for a long time so i dont want anything harmful
  2. Tenderlungs Tenderlungs

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    Make an apple pipe.
  3. Bankrupt On Selling Bankrupt On Selling

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    I dont want a apple pipe i already have a few things to smoke out of but i want to make something new and im looking for a bowl i havnt used yet
  4. Merry-juana Merry-juana

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    Make one out of something you can find in nature. Like use tree sap as glue. (Or if that is unavailable, go for some non-toxic glue that is heat resistant.) Take clay and make a clay pipe, go for a couple of seashells. Hollow out some wood.
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  5. lookhappy lookhappy

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    A salt shaker lid works as a great bowl, and it's easy to come by.
  6. The Kush The Kush

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    Salt shaker lid or a trumpet mouthpiece or any other kind of instrument that shares the same type of mouthpiece
  7. The Blazemaster The Blazemaster

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    Apple pipe, 2-litre bong etc. Search function plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. weedcansavetheworld weedcansavetheworld

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    not sure. but when im desperate for a makeshift bong, i cut off a piece of the side of a soda can and shape it into a cone to use as a bowl. not so unique but whatevs
  9. ctwalrus ctwalrus

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    best mouthpiece for smoking is a French horn mouthpiece

    um just look whenever i make stuff i usually just use sockets
  10. Bankrupt On Selling Bankrupt On Selling

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    Thanks Merry-juana gets its. I have PLENTY of things to smoke out of but i want to make something new i havnt tryed yet come on who hasnt used the socket piece before? and the soda thing and salt shaker lid dont sound very healthy =X any more suggestions for something i could find around the house for the bowl im pretty good at finding things to make a pipe/waterpipe out of just looking for a new bowl to try out.
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  11. French O's French O's

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    Really A Mouth Piece would work as a bowl cuz im looking at one rate now from a trumpet and wouldnt the weed just fall through the mouth piece?
  12. Bankrupt On Selling Bankrupt On Selling

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    Id say maybe jam a bigger piece of bud into the hold to kind of block it off just make sure its not completly blocked off or maybe try to put a screen in it but it would have to be a pretty small screen to fit that lol
  13. epetrillo6 epetrillo6

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    Hey. :)
    What I did for a while after my glass bowl broke is i took a pen, some tin foil and those mettel things... i dont know what they're called... but it works as a good bowl.
    you take the outer shell of the pen, BIC pens work best because u can easily take out the inc cartage and the plasic at the end.
    stic one end of the pen in the metal thingy (sorry i cant be more specific) and use duct tape to secure it. then use tinfoil to line the inside of the bowl and tape that there. and use the back of an earing to poke 3 to 5 tiny holes in it then pack it with bud, light it, smoke threw the pen.
    my directions probably suck.. but if u can manage to understand it, it works really good.
    have fun. :)

    ----Lizzy <3
  14. MahiMahy MahiMahy

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  15. Jesus of Ganja Jesus of Ganja

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    I love this bong and I still haven't made mine yet but im trying to find a stem that i can use does it get hot around the face at all?
  16. MahiMahy MahiMahy

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    I acctually made some adjustments since these pictures where taking, I used the top of a listerene bottle for the mouthpiece, makes it alot easier and i funneled a plastic piece into a cone and put that in the mouth piece, kind of confusing but works better, And i undid the tape on the stem cause it was to tight then i redid the tape and its alot better now, also i put tape on the thingy the stem goes into so its pretty much airtight.

    And for your question no its doesnt get hot around the face but it may have if i didnt put the listerene top on it, now with the listerene top its about 4-5cm higher and alot better now, Didnt use it before the listerene top so cant help you on that matter just add an extension mouthpiece, But it works pretty good kinda hits hard but im used to small joint puffs not HUGE bong rips lol, it does rip through weed pretty quickly but ocne again im used to joints that burn slow.

    Also its handy because smallish just looks like a baseball in ur pocket lol, People are shocked when they find out u made it lol.

    All in all im happy withn the finished product and recommened u all to try and make it,


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