how do i get rid of my high

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by travestyweb, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. travestyweb travestyweb

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    What do u guys do when u have to go to work the next morning and ur still baked. Like how could i get rid of my high in the morning. I really need help with this one please. please respond anyone asap! lol
  2. weedMoney weedMoney

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    did you find a way to eliminate the need for the wake and bake?
  3. nerphroll nerphroll

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    That's a good question trav. Obviously you need to have some discipline to stop smoking early enough the evening before, with some knowledge of your body, so you don't wake up baked, which isn't really that pleasant anyway. Coffee may help but not for everyone, take a shower, eat a big breakfast. When I used to smoke regular cigarettes sometimes smoking one or two would help bring me down. Are you actually waking up high, or just feeling like crap from the night before?
  4. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Eating, cold showers, a sauna followed by rolling naked in the snow.

    If you're still high when you wake up in the morning you're probably smoking too much.
  5. headsi6 headsi6

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    have lots of liquids... avoid caffeine it only gives u temporary relief and gives u the jitters... yup a big breakfast lots of juice... then take a shower... then drink GATORADE just a gulp or two... the effects are magical you can thank me later hehehe!
  6. dangerous_squid dangerous_squid

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    Eating and liquids help you metabolise the chemicals. However, weed has an extradinarily long half-life so there's no real way to stop the "hang-over" except smoking less. Also, daily smokers such as myself already have so much THC in our bodies we don't "notice" the "hang-overs" from weed.
  7. the_captain the_captain

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    Try drinking high energy glucose drinks to raise your blood sugar levels.
  8. joel223 joel223

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    I used to drink one of those "Red Bull" drinks... Picked me up within thirty minutes
  9. ski-maskandagat ski-maskandagat

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    Man bump that ish, I just wake up and toke, i would never try to get rid of my high, just get higher :chokin:
  10. ketchum ketchum

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    In my 40 years of daily use I have found that milk does the trick. I have seen milk dissipate the high from almost every drug I know of. However, a good sleep - 6 hours or more - should eliminate the high. I suppose it depends on your usage and tolerance more than anything.

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    LOL you wake up high, Damn I wish I wake up high!!!
  12. Buzzby Buzzby

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    When you have serious work to do, waking up high is a major drag. Being high is great for some things but most of what I do is much better done sober. Waking up high is definitely a dosage effect. Moderation in all things!
  13. Dun Dun

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    Whenever I wake and bake, rinsing my mouth with listerine absolutely kills my buzz. Similarly, if I smoke too soon after rinsing, I won't feel the effects at all. Useful to terminate a buzz if it's inappropriate, but annoying when unintentional.

    Edit: Sorry for the necroposting, forgot I had done a search on tolerance :rolleyes:
  14. Jmoney1442 Jmoney1442

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    for me at least, eating a banana always seems to kill the high. it's nice for when im about to do something that requires sobriety but when done by accident it really kind of sucks
  15. Malliwirapesheake Malliwirapesheake

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    eating anything fatty does it for me..or at least takes it down a notch... i always avoid eating till my high is winding down because of it or right before baking wish i had your problem by the way... getting RID of a high has not been much of a problem lately ...loll
  16. BipolarBunny BipolarBunny

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  17. michelemishellie michelemishellie

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    Wow ,,,your still high off weed in the morning,,,,drinking alcohol,,,okay,,,but weed,,,shouldn't last that long. But back in the day and I mean way back,,,,eating and drinking milk along with a shower should bring anyone down. I just can not believe you are still high off pot after sleeping and then waking up high. Maybe you are just high on life,,,so enjoy it.
  18. michelemishellie michelemishellie

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    Ohhhh,,,,,,is that what it is? I have been a daily smoker for about 35 years and I have never and don't ever remember waking up high or hung over from pot. Cuz there is major amounts of THC in my system, LOL Thanks,,
  19. michelemishellie michelemishellie

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    LOL,,,that is what I told him too,,,,I did not see your reply until after,,,I have been smoking 35 years daily and that is what I said,,well back in the day we used to drink milk,,,I just thought it was funny after reading your reply.
  20. clint902 clint902

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    It rarely happens to me but the best advice I can give is "take the day off" but next time start toking earlier so you'd be coming down before you go to bed. Our metabolism slows down when we're sleeping so if you go to bed when you're baked, you'll probably be pretty high when you wake up although this isn't true for everyone.

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