How do u smoke?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ChinksGetHighToo, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. ChinksGetHighToo ChinksGetHighToo

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    Do u inhale then exhale or or what do u guys do?
  2. rich420 rich420

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    take a hit. inhale, i don't count to 3-5 anymore i kind of just know how long its been then exhale.

    sometimes i ghost, just because.
    and i love blow smoke rings =]
  3. pkster8235 pkster8235

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    Yes.. I inhale for around 5 seconds.. exhale slowly. And repeat process until the desired effects are reached.
  4. smokersarejokers smokersarejokers

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    Is it worse if you keep it in you until your breath runs out?
  5. Merry-juana Merry-juana

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    Take weed, put in pipe/bong/hookah/roll a J/wateva. Light on fire, take a deep breath, wait till I want to blow out (can be 2 seconds can be 2 minutes), and then, blow out.

    Well sometimes I take hits from my nose, and exhale through my mouth, like meditative breathing.
  6. rodge rodge

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    perhaps. there's just not really any need to hold that long. thc is absorbed quite FAST.
  7. imFADED imFADED

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    .....through my mouth.:rolleyes:
  8. The Blazemaster The Blazemaster

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    Inhaling and exhaling is really the only way to smoke. There is no other way to do so. You have to inhale first, in order to exhale, so you kinda answered your own question;)
  9. Buzzby Buzzby

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    You absorb almost all of the THC from the smoke in the first five seconds. There's little point in holding a hit longer than that. Any "benefit" you get from holding it longer is the same "benefit" you get from holding your breath: your brain gets oxygen-deprived and you get dizzy. On the down side, the longer you hold a hit, the longer the particulates in the smoke have to settle in your lungs.
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  10. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    This woman who smokes with me at times--she asked me why I take a 'hit' and then exhale the smoke after only 3 to 5 secs. To watch her smoke is like watching someone perform deep sea snorkeling---she holds her hits for nearly 20 to 30 secs--she is quite an athlete though. I told her she is killing more brain cells due to oxygen deprivation; she told me that she don't care because this gets her higher. I take 2 or 3 hits in the time it takes for her to do jus one.
  11. noyerva4u noyerva4u

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    I smoke just fine:D
  12. JBone JBone

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    it also filters out anything in the smoke, genius. I'm gonna try that one day.
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  13. Isirap Isirap

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    Inhale-exhale mostly, sometimes i exhale out my nose just for the hell of it
  14. Merry-juana Merry-juana

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    Thanks, I know:D:D:rolleyes:
  15. 8Points17Seconds 8Points17Seconds

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    Toke hold as long as possible and exhale very slowly.. Its the way I learned
  16. SimpleGreen SimpleGreen

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    I like to exhale through my nose because it makes me feel like a dragon.

    In case anyone was wondering, in the event that I actually was a dragon, I would be redish purple, and named Kler├Ąch.
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  17. KG1990 KG1990

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    i am pretty sure the answer to your question is no, although it may feel more intense right away because youre out of breathe
  18. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    WTF? Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth doesn't accomplish anything differently. it odesn't "filter out" anything a normal inhaltion/exhalation would. Why do you believe that it filters the smoke somehow? Please, explain the logic behind this statement, because I'd love to know WTF you are talking about...inhaling is inhaling, and exhaling is exhaling. Explain the "filtration" process that takes place when inhaling through the nose as opposed to inhaling through the mouth. this ought to be good
  19. _Jay _Jay

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    Although I don't believe this, I think he may be talking about using your nose hairs as a filter.
  20. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Thats what I thought too, but it really would not have any effect whatsoever as far as actually filtering anything harmful outr of the smoke

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