How do you guys normally behave when you're high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Albie92, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. noobsaibot noobsaibot

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    i just act like my sober self but a little more uninhibited. some of the stories about weed seem farfetched now that i have smoked it. like seeing cartoon characters and random stuff run across the room hasn't happened to me. i remember when i got my wisdom teeth pulled they put me to sleep, and when i woke up i was just disoriented, saying whatever i wanted, not knowing what i was saying, leaning up against walls, blurred vision, and basically really tired. same as weed.
  2. ThePurple ThePurple

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    I just find everything way more interesting and complex than it actually is. I spent about 20 minutes locking and unlocking my friends car once because I was so obsessed with the sound it made.
  3. johnnypot johnnypot

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    its alright, im pretty sure it was supposed to be posted onto my thread about being paranoid.
  4. Echo-eepy Echo-eepy

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    i usally go retarded. im still yet to try some good sativa i wanna see what that'll be like
  5. -Lombax- -Lombax-

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    ahahahahaahah that's hilarious!
  6. Train2Bangkok Train2Bangkok

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    I'm just my regular, normal self...maybe just a little bit more mellow. The people that I'm with on a daily basis rarely ever notice any changes in me after I've smoked. I do notice that I don't anger as easily when I've got a buzz goin'. If I get really stoned(very rare), all I want to do is remain stationary and ride it out.
  7. rich420 rich420

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    Chillin' and relaxed mood. Not hyped up, or over talkative. Just chilled.
  8. weee[d] weee[d]

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    i usually get more horny than usual,i dont get hungry tho,i laffa lot,and i just talk and talk haha,less inhibited bczu im pretty quet and shy when sober
  9. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    I behave in the same manner as I did before getting high. The fact that I'm high is something only I need to know...I don't need to advertise my high by acting weird or differently than i typically do. Of course, experience and tolerance probably both play significant roles in my ability to just roll with the situation, high or not
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  10. Ranchack Ranchack

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    I'm a happy go lucky guy when I'm high i am very optimistic and out going. Well than again i have always been outgoing I'm really not the "chill" smoker I'm more like lets go out and do stuff cause I'm bored just sitting here...
  11. AsianStonerMan AsianStonerMan

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    I talk alot, mostly about philosophical stuff and z-day, get ludicrous ideas, eat alot, and laugh alot. Then i usually end my high by playing music for an hour or two, then i smoke another bowl and play zombie games and end up playing more music. And it just goes like that for a few rounds, depending on who stops by my house, then i pass out.
  12. Quiksilver0810 Quiksilver0810

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    Engage in crazy intellectual conversations about trippy topics.
    Eat sweets.
    Smoke cigs.
    I like to just chill out with the homies and listen to really good music.
    But for sure weed has made me more open to lots of types of music.
  13. Vince331 Vince331

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    When I'm alone I just sit and listen to music, write, relax, etc.. but from experience, it's much more fun when I'm with friends. We just talk about random thoughts that make no rational sense, laugh, eat, sleep, repeat.
  14. Bongduy Bongduy

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    Im very hungry, thirsty, and horny. If there is any girl with me, i will pretty much make a move on her by doing things like kissing her hands, or cuddling with her or anything to get in her pants.

    I also fall asleep really easily and dont like talking too much
  15. ganjahead615 ganjahead615

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    I usualy smile and laught alot at my freinds that say stupid shit and i also start to say shit that i dont think about before it comes out my mouth
  16. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    lately ive become really mellow when im high and just sit back and think about peace and appreciate the beauty of this world, then we have boner sword fights
  17. Doug Wilson Doug Wilson

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    I get super giggly and just am happy to do anything. Not super active or anything, but I do like going out.
  18. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    I'll just chill out. I HATE going places (Like taking busses/walkin). I'll totally LOVE to sit in a car while someone drives me to wendies though. Thats my favourite.

    But usually I'll just chill by the pool, smoking blunts/joints. I'll just be chillin, since usually I invite some random people by during smoke sessions.

    Its like this:

    I'll smoke bymyself during the day if I'm bored or what not, but at night, I'll go to a party or what not, and come home with a few friends for a small afterparty (if we're not completely fucked up). We'll chill by the pool, smoking up all night. We definitly stock up on munchies, and for those who want, Booze.


    I've been known to have parties by the pool just involving random 5 people on my cell. Everyone brings whatever they can afford, so everyone has enough weed. I'll usually have a bunch. We have lots of munchies, and drinks. If people bring beer or rum, thats wonderful, but I hate drinking when I'm high.
  19. GanjaFox93 GanjaFox93

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    Eh. I get quiet, but only because being high amplifies my speech problem. I trip over my words alot, and I get embarrassed, which makes for a bad high.

    But besides being quiet, I laugh, alot. Otherwise I just chill. Sit on the couch and watch people play xbox, watch vids on youtube, or just lay around and enjoy bein stoned. <3

    But what I really wanna do, is start a circle. Never done one in my 8 months of tokin, and I wanna do one before my One year. : ]
  20. Bongduy Bongduy

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    WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?! :spin::spin::spin::spin:

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