How does bud help you deal with stress?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Ss0p, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Ss0p Ss0p

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    Just wondering. I ask this mainly because I am currently dealing with heavy amounts of stress right now, and wish I had some ganja, but I don't know if my parents would be alright with it. Plus, I don't have any smoking equipment or whatever, but I may try for the first time at a friend's birthday party coming up.
  2. luzball luzball

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    It relaxes you. Changes your mindset. Makes everything more enjoyable. This is something I would keep away from your parents as they would most likely take you to the doctor for a much more harmful alternative to marijuana.

    I'd say try it and get your own opinion.
  3. Ss0p Ss0p

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    I've talked to them about it, and my dad even said when I'm 18 I can do whatever the hell I want, which is all fair and good, but at my current age (16), I'm less prone to drug tests and whatnot, seeing as I don't work or anything. My parents would smoke with their friends when they were younger, so for them to get upset would be kind of hypocritical. Since they no longer smoke it, I wonder what they're stance on it would be as parents.
  4. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    Basically, anything negative you feel about life and school, wont matter when your high. You realize how pointless about everything in life is, or at least thats how you'll feel.

    You'd enjoy it but be careful!
  5. luzball luzball

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    You definately realize how pointless everything is.

    Get this, there is no point to anything.
    Anything that happens does not matter.
    Anytime you feel upset, it doesn't matter because it WILL pass.

    Chance and probability are the only reasons we even exist.

    Life does not matter, however its best to enjoy it because its the only one you have.

    Catch my drift?
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  6. cj117 cj117

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    I wouldn't agree with ALL of that, but yes, generally that's how it is.
  7. 024 024

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    I know what you mean, I get stressed sometimes aswell, and knowing I can go home and have a nice smoke to calm me down or go to a friends house and blaze with him is a very calming thought of mind.

    It really is a medical herb, just because you don't have aids doesn't mean Marijuana cannot affect your life in positive ways, who knows maybe due to its medical properties and effects your adding on years to your life.
  8. SouthernToker SouthernToker

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    Yeah defintly do it but moderation is the key. If you really like it, you might have the urge to do it everyday, but anything you do everyday does not stay special. If christmas were everyday it would get boring, same with weed. Weed was magical the 1st time I did it (like christmas), but now even when I take a 2/3 week break its still boring.
  9. Ihavenoweedpuns Ihavenoweedpuns

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    I say go for it, but keep in mind that weed won't be the solution to all your problems

    If you smoke weed to escape your problems, you'll still have to actually deal with what made you stressed in the first place

    but for the most part it relaxes you and makes everything more fun for a few hours
  10. KillerWeed420 KillerWeed420

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    What stress?:rifle:
  11. joshpackr joshpackr

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    I think most of the reason I smoke is to relieve stress and anxiety. I get really bad muscle tension in my back and chest a lot of the time and I can take a hit or two and it's gone. That's one way I get relief from the herb. It also slows my mind down and allows me to relax and rest as well as sleep. I have a hard time sleeping and it really helps with that.

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