How long an oz last you?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by bud_2005, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. bud_2005 bud_2005

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    I went through an ounce of schwag in a week but I was doing it all day every day.
  2. lildevilpunk8008 lildevilpunk8008

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    ill do an ounce of shwag in 2 days deinatel, and thats only blazin with 1 person. ive never actually had an OZ of dank to smoke to the dome like that so i wouldnt really know. However me and a friend will go through 7 grams of dank in about 2 days easily so i assume an OZ would last me about 6-8 days probly more like 6 days because i smoke a shit load of weed especially if i have some. i say it would last that long with a friend because most of the time i like a smoking buddy to have some fat sessions with.
  3. 024 024

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    2 weeks if its good shit and Im on holiday, if during school a gram lasts me a 2-3 days sometimes a week than it would take a good 2-3 months, only personally.
  4. Aesthetic Aesthetic

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    If it is good bud I could probably stretch an Oz for like 3-4 weeks.. I usually just get a 1/4 or an 1/8 though, depending on prices. I wish I had $400 to blow on an oz of bomb :rolleyes:
  5. snowboard_loser snowboard_loser

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    the way i smoke these days,
    an ounce would probably take me 2 months.
    it used to be a week, imo thats smokin too much.
    unless you had hookups, sellin etc.
  6. bluedeadbear bluedeadbear

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    haha I can't keep track because I'm stoned all the time
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  7. Bhikku Bhikku

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    An ounce lasts us a week, maybe a week in a half. But when we have pot, we smoke from the time I get off until the time I go to bed, lol...that's probably why.
  8. GangaSmoke GangaSmoke

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    an oz of reg or as someof you say schwag or w/e last me like 2-3 days if its just me an another buddy.
    but i smoke till i literally just cant anymore
  9. Herbania Herbania

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    usually 25 days, but I vape
  10. Danny420 Danny420

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    Seriously guys?!?! Only a few weeks!?! Pretty much most of the time I get some really good stuff from my friend/dealer. That shit would last me a whole damn year! Although I do vape mostly. Unless I would make butter, then it wouldn't last so long.
  11. DirtyBlaze DirtyBlaze

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    Well, the last time I bought an Oz, I think it lasted about 2 weeks. I can usually make a quarter last about 5 days though. I don't really know why, but the more I have, the more I smoke, lol
  12. Mazzinator Mazzinator

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    an oz of dank could last me about a month.maybe longer if i work more

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    Regs- 2 weeks
    Flame- 1 month
  14. Canta Canta

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    Im at the moment taking a break from the green but at my last consumption rate 10-14days I'd say. I do share a lot though.

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