how long does weed "last" ?

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  1. dodgers4life dodgers4life

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    About how long does weed last if you havnt used it in awhile . lets just say i put it in a bag inside a tape player hidden , how long could i keep it there until it gets "bad" . if it even does get bad?
  2. Insaneteacher Insaneteacher

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    in a sealed zip-lock baggie your weed will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. the best way to maintain the freshness of your weed is to use an airtight container like a mason jar, available at any major grocery store near you :D
  3. WolfGang Paco WolfGang Paco

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    If it was properly dried/cured without moisture to allow mold, a long, long time. I've smokes buds from a year old mason jar that was still good.
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  4. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    I've seen some stories on the forums where people found lost bags from weeks, months, and even years ago-and smoked it if it wasn't molded. If properly contained in an air-tight environment, it can last a long while.
  5. Grape_Tomato Grape_Tomato

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    i forgot i had a bag of mids hidden for several months, found it, rolled up a massive blunt and got blazed. can last a lot longer then you think
  6. mallitia95 mallitia95

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    I just depends.
  7. Grape_Tomato Grape_Tomato

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    as long as it doesnt get all moldy it should be fine for a long time, especially when stored properly
  8. new2twistinup new2twistinup

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    what does moldy weed look like? does it turn brown?
  9. Buzzby Buzzby

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    It looks like white threads all over the buds.

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