How much should I ask for if I pay $20

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by dabed, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. dabed dabed

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    My past dealer always gave me a quarter for $20 of some pretty good shit. But now I might have a new dealer, and will be able to buy weed from $20-$50. How much should I ask for? It is pretty good stuff but I don't want to seem like I am a rookie. (which I am)
  2. Teleo9 Teleo9

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    I'm really confused with what people consider a quarter sometimes. A quarter to me is 1/4th an ounce (7 grams). So $20 for a quarter sounds like a huge loss for any dealer that is giving you 7 grams, no matter where you live. I've also seen this on Pineapple Express where he asks for a quarter and is given what looks like no more than 2 grams.

    I usually buy in 8ths (1/8 of an ounce or 3.5 grams). An 8th where I live is about $50-60 (expensive). An 8th will usually last someone who smokes by themselves only once a day about a week or two. I would ask how much an 8th is. If it sounds too expensive, I would go by grams. You can't go wrong when you ask in grams.

    People sometimes say, "I want a dime bag." Well, that is basically saying "I want $10 worth of weed." The problem is $10 worth of weed is subjective. You could get half a gram of awesome shit, or 1 gram of crap.
  3. dabed dabed

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    The reason I got it that low is because he was a close friend, and did not mind. I guess for some pretyt good stuff a gram for $20 sounds pretty reasonable.
  4. tokin up tokin up

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    Where do you live? Prices vary between areas. Any where from 5-20 per gram is common depending on the quality.
  5. dabed dabed

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    I am from Colorado.
  6. WolfGang Paco WolfGang Paco

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    Hmm well I know CL is a huge MJ state.

    1-2 grams. $20 a gram (AT MOST) but i'm guessing you can snag $10 g's in Colorado.
  7. JakeDaToker JakeDaToker

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    As many others have previously stated, it depends on where you live. For the most part, you'd get a dubsack (2 grams) for $20 dollars.
    For better stuff (kush), it could run up to be 20 bucks for 1 gram..

    But don't expect every dealer to give you a quarter for 20 bucks (not sure how that even works for the dealer LMAO)
  8. 1956 1956

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    And if your new, and your options are limited, it is not uncommon to pay premium prices.

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