how soon can you feel it?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by stardamage, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. stardamage stardamage

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    This might seem like kind of a stupid question, but when you smoke, how long does it take you to notice the effects? I ask because I've been smoking multiple times a day for a few days now (this is the first time I've smoked so often on a regular basis - it's treating me really well for the moment :) ) and I've been feeling it faster lately, like sometimes even within a few seconds of taking my first big hit. Is it just because I'm breathing a bit differently, or am I really getting high sooner?

    Not that it really matters in the whole huge scheme of things, but I'm just curious. :wave:
  2. Mr.Smokesalot Mr.Smokesalot

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    Within 5 minutes for me, with a vaporizer slightly longer.
  3. Jake Jake

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    Usually after the first or second hit. I'm definitely not high yet but I feel the headchange.
  4. Dark Dark

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    I can feel the change after the exhale of any hit, basically
  5. MrEddy MrEddy

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    Yup same here. The first hit I am not high but I can tell that things are different. It takes a good 30-60 minutes after starting smoking to really get a full high feeling going on. but it also depends on quality of weed and how fast I smoke the bowl. Faster I smoke it and the higher quality it is. The faster I get stoned and the more stoned I get. Its prettymuch basic math. Smoke more = get higher faster. Smoke better quality = get higher faster
  6. IBlazedHeavily IBlazedHeavily

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    Yezzir me too. the bigger the hit the harder you feel it. first hit just chills me out :cool: but typically i start feeling high in 2-3 minutes
  7. krad krad

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    for me it's about a minute before I notice the major changes. But it mostly just depend on how much i smoke
  8. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    If I'm smoking some better than mids bud, I'll feel it right after the first hit, strong mids too. Anything lower I'll feel after the first two hits, some times more.

    Of coarse, these are just headrushes and mj buzzes. Can be strong, though. I'm usually pretty high on the mids and kb after 5th hit.
  9. Saracolours Saracolours

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    For me theres a bunch of factors. If i'm smoking dank out of a bong, I can many times feel it after one nice hit. If im smoking a blunt i usually dont notice effects untill like 6-8 hits, and joints dont hit me untill i'm like 3/4 done with the joint, but ofcourse it still depends on the potency of the weed.

    Oh, and if i cough I feel it instantly. I heard somwhere its from blood pressure rising or somthing.
  10. fight4theright fight4theright

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    I feel it, when I feel it. When I smoke, I never think--"Gee I wonder when I'll feel this", because it is always within a few minutes of smoking, and if not, I smoke more. Crazy stuff :wave:

  11. B - Unit B - Unit

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    10- 15 of steady smoking then im baked so it takes proably 10 mins. :wave: ive had a creeper high that wont come on till about an hour later. Ive never felt high after the first hit, or even the 2nd.
  12. vern vern

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    Usually I can feel it pretty quick maybe a minute or two. Usually I'll just lean my head out the back door in my room take a rip or two and be good for about 10-15 minutes.

    Take 2 hits, wait 10 minutes. See how well you can feel it, you'd be surprised at how :cool: you'll feel. Remember smoking isn't a sport, but I guess you could make it one. ;)
  13. k20 k20

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    I'm always high by the third hit... unless I'm smokin midgrades sometimes it obviously takes me a while with shittier weed, haha.
  14. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Same here, especially if its really good bud
  15. chunk chunk

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    It differs.

    If I havent smoked for a long time, it takes forever to take effect. Up to ten minutes.

    If im smoking regularly, it takes a matter of seconds.
  16. budlitz budlitz

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    good stuff? i feel it really fast. mids/lower? it will take a couple minutes depending on quality
  17. SirJeth SirJeth

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    Considering I usually sit down while smoking weed, I can sometimes go through 14 bowls or so (done this more than once) before feeling it, then when I stand up... BOOM!

    Hits me like a rocket.

    Or when I'm smoking in a lighted area at night then someone turns out the lights, if I have smoked enough I start trippin' right out. haha
  18. Petulance Petulance

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    Technically bio

    Technically, smoking gets you high the fastest. It takes approximately 7 seconds for all the blood around your lungs to travel to your brain after you exhale.

    So technically it is getting to your brain the fastest every time you exhale. Holding it in just burns your lungs more and actually a bit of a waste, all your doing is making the smoke cool down, not really an effect to getting high.

    This was taught at a drug class taught by a state certified research company that tests different drugs on the human body.
  19. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    Man that's fucking insane... I'd hate to be you when I'm smoking weed. 14 bowls? Shit... I could make 14 bowls last for a long time. a few-4 days at max XD... I wouldn't even smoke weed if it took 14 bowls to get me high. Damn....
  20. Sofa King Sofa King

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    I think it depends on what your smoking and how your smoking it. Sometimes I feel it immediately after the first hit and sometimes I have to wait maybe 15 minutes or so.

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