How to ask strangers for weed

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by caliskunk 4_2_0, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. caliskunk 4_2_0 caliskunk 4_2_0

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    what words/phrases do you guys use in these sometimes delicate situations while on vacation or something?

    i usually ask if they are "420 friendly"
  2. peace n love peace n love

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    "good day sir or madam, do you have any marijuana that i could purchase for a cheap price?" or "you smoke?"
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  3. Frojoe Frojoe

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    This summer I was hanging out with some friends who work in an ice cream place. these two tourists came in and waited until all customers left, looked around like they were about to rob the place and then asked if "we knew where to get some stuff" after 10 minuets of making sure we were all talking about the same thing we called some of our dealers to hook them up. Since the cape depends on the tourists for our economy, it was our duty to make sure they didn't go dry. But it's not that hard to guess if a group of people smokes or not, and just ask, if not they will just say no.
  4. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Before I will ask someone I don't know, i have to be 99.9% sure we're on the same page. I don't have a certain question I ask or anything , but my weedar has yet to fail me
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  5. blitzed_24/7 blitzed_24/7

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    For some reason I always catch potheads but what do you expect, it's full of them here :D

    I just ask, Hey you got any of the gool ol green?:cool:
  6. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    I asked a cabbie in NYC if he was cool if I fired a joint in his cab. His cab was non-smoking, but he'd have let me if it wasn't.
  7. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    I'm like TM and am able to identify stoners pretty easily. Occasionally I'm wrong, but 90% of the time I'm spot on. There's some people that can hide the fact that they blaze pretty well, but a true pothead can see right through it.:)
  8. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    Umm, I don't ask strangers for weed. I guess if I were to, I would ask something like:
    "Why don't you go ahead and toss me in jail 'cause I'm really really deserving of it for asking a stranger for weed"...

    Yeah, that sounds about right. :chokin:
  9. Itzamna Itzamna

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    yes, we all know grow your own!

    until the cops bust you and throw you in jail, unless your a medical user but we still have all heard the story about the old lady arrested, so in either case you're going to jail if you get caugh! :angry:

    I met my connection in virginia at a stoplight, then we pulled into a parking lot and exchanged #'s. :laugh: He was a High School kid.
  10. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    I toked for 23 years before I grew...Still never asked a stranger for weed. :shrug:
  11. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    Up here it's not that unusual to ask random people for bud. I met one of my closest friends for the first time when I was at a party and he walked up to me wondering where to find bud; he'd just moved into the dorm I was staying at. I ended up blazing a fatty with him and introducing him to my dealer and we ended up blazing a LOT together.

    It's not ALWAYS appropriate to randomly ask strangers for bud, but there's definitely situations where it's ok in my opinion.
  12. Itzamna Itzamna

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    define stranger :laugh:, I've got cousins who have lived in the same area their whole lives, so its possible, its all circumstantial, consider youself special:eek:
  13. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    outside of one's previous experience; hitherto unknown; unfamiliar:
    I always have. So has everybody else, based on my riding to school in the short bus. j/k :D

    I guess as I get older, the more I have to lose and I get more and more cautious. :shrug:

    It is true though, it all depends on the circumstances. If I were at a party where everybody was toking, I wouldn't be as wary asking somebody I hadn't met before then. ;)
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  14. Pompo Pompo

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    It's all in how you ask

    I would suggest using your best Steve Urkle voice impression and saying

    "Got any weed" :D

    • Represent. KY
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    I tried to do this in Vail, Colorado, which is pretty known to be a hippy town, but I failed like a bitch. I went out one night while the family was at a movie and looked for kids or hippys. I finally found the perfect stoner chick/dude and just sat beside them for a second until they broke conversation. That second turned into half an hour of them talking to each other the whole time without a second interval. They were obviously stoned at the time, talking about her job in the plumbing field hahahahaha. So yea, Ive never really done it other than in Jamaica. Its given there though.
  16. Hookahs Hookahs

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    We don't go around asking people for weed, but what we do sometimes is try to find other cool smokers and try to match. We were just in Vegas and found a few cool people to smoke down with. One was with a guy (and his friends) I played cards next to for a couple hrs. and a guy we played roulette with for an hour or so. This was after getting to know (somewhat) these people by talking/joking and drinking with them. Also have met alot of cool stoners on snowboarding trips.
  17. PufThaMagikDrag PufThaMagikDrag

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    ace dude, thats exactly the way to ask :D :D :D
  18. cepheus cepheus

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    LOL, i imagined that in my head and it was hilarious

    I had been hanging out downtown one afternoon and had walked back to the parking lot where my truck was. I was just about to get in when these two scruffy lookin' guys walked up to me and asked if they could use a lighter. I handed one of them a lighter, and he pulled out a joint and sparked it right there. those guys smoked me out for a minute right there next to my truck and told me a little of their stories. i thought that was pretty random.
  19. roloff roloff

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    "Excuse me, do you know where to get any green?"
  20. king cola king cola

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    First thing you should do is try to find out what the persons occupation is before asking if they have any weed. A few years ago one of my buddies asked someone that question and the guy turned out to be a off duty cop lol. He got pissed, pulled his badge out and yelled at him but that was it. I don't think he could really do anything because he just asked if he had any. If you ask if you can buy it, then they could probably bust you.

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