How to avoid tolerance but smoke the same amount?

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  1. TheQuestionMark TheQuestionMark

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    This sounds like it could definitely be true:

    When you smoke the same strain of marijuana for awhile, you are gaining a tolerance to both marijuana in general AND that specific strain of marijuana. For example, if you bought a large amount of Sour Diesel and it took a month to smoke it all, you would have more tolerance to Sour Diesel than to White Widow or Kush. Because of this, it’s best to smoke a new strain every week or two.

    Does that sound plausible to you guys?
  2. Bhikku Bhikku

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    Makes sense to me.
  3. Vicki Vicki

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    I have noticed something similar to this in the past. Having a slight tolerance to one strain, and when I switched to a new one, it was better.
  4. gange_King88 gange_King88

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    it makes some sense about each strain. however, as long as you're still smoking daily, it seems to me you would still be building a tolerance to weed in general...
  5. zombi zombi

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    this definitly has some truth to it. every time i start thinking i need to take a week break, if i get some new stuff, i wont get stupid stoned or anything but its better than before for sure.

    hope that made sense. pretty stoned.
  6. VaporizorMariJ VaporizorMariJ

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    Thats why I make sure I have multiple strains :) and I switch them up daily. I find the stones are all similar but they definatly do vary.
  7. Mikeebud Mikeebud

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    Yeah, You never make marijuana salads?

    Get 3 types of good quality marijuana, mids+

    Then grind them all together, and then its a wonderland of awesomeness
  8. Up In Smoke Up In Smoke

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    I tend to have multiple strains laying around.

    Mainly for pain relief, social activities, etc.

    Agreed with everyone here. It helps to mix up your bag. Almost always cannabis has differing amounts of thc, as well as differing what kind of thc. (sativa, to indica etc)

    Salads are volatile.

    they either fuck you up hard, or they stay the same.

    Almost always they will be a rough smoke.
  9. Sofa King Sofa King

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    It does to me.
    I usually have 2 different strains at any givin time and most of the time I just switch back and forth willy nilly depending on the effect I'm looking for, but I have noticed that if I use one for several days straight I build up a tolerance fairly quickly, but when I switch to the other I do get a better effect. Then when I go back it's like starting over again.
  10. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Not at all. Tolerance is a phenomenon caused by the THC receptors in your brain shutting down after being flooded with THC. You don't develop tolerance to a strain of marijuana. You develop a tolerance to THC.

    I've heard about this many times. What I think is happening is that the weed was poorly stored and lost potency over time, so it wasn't a tolerance issue at all.

    I'm vaping weed that's more than a year old. It's been stored in vacuum-sealed canning jars in the refrigerator. I get just as high on the same amount as when it was brand new. I keep my tolerance down by vaping a small amount once a day.

    The Tolerance Factor
  11. TheQuestionMark TheQuestionMark

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    i think i remember reading something about each strain contains different phenols (flavor molecules) so maybe we develop tolerances to those specific phenols
  12. TheMeatball TheMeatball

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    Those are what make up the smell of the weed. Developing a tolerance to a smell wouldn't affect your high. Buzzby laid it out very clearly. THC is the active component. You develop a tolerance to it.
  13. VaporizorMariJ VaporizorMariJ

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    Different strains carry different amounts of THC and CBD compounds... the different levels of each are what make the high vary from strain to strain. The same reason why sativa's give you a more energy high while indica's give you a couch lock.

    Also it depends when the marijuana plant its harvested (a lighter clear trichrome will give you more of an energy/giggles high) (a more amber trichrome will give you more of a lazy couch lock). IMO They become more amber in colour as the plant matures. You don't want to wait to long tho or you start to lose potency.

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