How to burn?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by GunCow, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. GunCow GunCow

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    When you put your lighter to the weed, should you keep it there for the whole hit, or just wait until it starts burning, then take the lighter away?

    thanks in advance.
  2. 5drive 5drive

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    The less time you're sucking on the flame, the less carbon (soot) you'll be sucking, and the less THC you'll be burning up.
  3. t0ke n' ch0ke t0ke n' ch0ke

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    Burn it until you get a nice cherry and then take the lighter off, get a nice big hit in, and release the carb.
  4. nik12937 nik12937

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    Like 5drive said, believe it or not, direct flame destroys some THC, so hold it just close enough to get a cherry, and then take it off so the smoldering bud heats everything else, your hit will also be a bit smoother when you take the flame away sooner.
  5. kjp420 kjp420

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    yeh ive learned that letting it burn iteslf gets u a lot higher,the hits are a lot smoother
  6. headshot11 headshot11

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    Like everyone else said, just burn it for like 1 second max until you got a good cherry and release. That way you get nice controlled hits. Otherwise if you hold it there for awhile, you'll spark most of the bowl, and have smoke barreling out of your bowl when you're done inhaling.
  7. cthcforlife cthcforlife

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    I don't like the flame hitting to long so ill usually hold it just above the cannabis till it gets hot enough and catches itself
  8. GunCow GunCow

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    Okay good, thats what ive been doing but i wanted to make sure
  9. ughnessmaster ughnessmaster

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    Perfectly put. Then hold in, try not to cough exhale slowly.
  10. kjp420 kjp420

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    from my experience you want to have as little smoke from your lighter as possible
  11. Munch21 Munch21

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    Coughing gets you higher though. Your lungs absorb more thc
  12. ichi ichi

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    i think it is personal preference. i would recomend that you just do it till it just catches then take the flame away and continue to inhale.
  13. SpiralSpindle SpiralSpindle

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    If you can see into your weapon of choice, then just hit the lighter to the bud and lift as you see a little smoke, if the smoke stops coming through when you're not finished, then repeat.

    I liked to, when starting out, until I got it down perfect, I would flick the bic, then slowly begin inhaling with the flame away from the bowl. Then bring the flame over so you get a perfect corner hit. You just slowly move the flame near the bowl till your inhaling begins to pull it into the bowl. That way you don't end up burning more weed than you need.

    And more hits too!
  14. skiff skiff

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    u take a huge first hit but conner the bowl it will stay lit for a long time my pipe will b able to sit for 5 mins an hit it with out lighting it thats grined bud tho

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