How to get a job/be a clerk at a medical marijuana dispensary?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Silverbackman, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Silverbackman Silverbackman

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    Wasn't sure where this should go so I'll post it here.

    What do you need to have to be a clerk at a medical marijuana dispensary? Do you have to have medical cannabis recommendation or can you get a job at one without a medical cannabis card? For example if you applied to a medical dispensary in Oaksterdam would they turn you down without a card or what? Or being a security guard.....I'm thinking those guards don't have a medical cannabis card either.
  2. allenlovesgreen allenlovesgreen

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    Don't you have to study something that has to do with plants. Like botanics or something like that? I'm not sure though but someone will correct me if I'm wrong. ;)
  3. rollmaster rollmaster

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    its called botany, the study of plants...but im not sure if you need to take that cuz its pretty intense although im sure you could find some bullshit class to take so u can get proper papers
  4. daredevil911 daredevil911

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    that would be a pretty good job. Pinch a gram here and there or a seed or two.
  5. Mushroom Man Mushroom Man

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    I think it's the same as any other job, go there and apply if you fit the criteria they need you'll get hired. I don't think they look for marijuana smokers or anything of the like, you might even get a pre-employment drug test (I doubt it though).

    You might need a MM card, just to save any legal issues that may arise.
  6. Silverbackman Silverbackman

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    It would definitely be a dream job for any stoner....helping patients get the buds they need would be awesome. :D

    Oh and this is for the state of California, particularly the bay area. ;)
  7. marcusJay marcusJay

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    This job isn't any harder than selling fries at McDonalds.
    "Sir, can I take your order? First show me your MMJ card"
    "Oh I see that you've been approved."
    "We have an excellent Indica on sale if you need pain relief or maybe a Sativa for nausea."
    "I'll give you a minute to decide."
    "Oh yes you've made a splendid selection and I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with your purchase."
    "Will that be cash or credit?"
  8. Mikeebud Mikeebud

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    Then loose ur sweetass job that any stoner would kill for because u decided to take 10 bucks worth of weed.
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  9. Equilibrium Equilibrium

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    I honestly couldn't see a club handing out applications, wouldn't that be a really easy way to get a undercover police officer in there? it would seem kinda dumb.

    I imagine the people who own these places choose people they know already and trust that they know what the fuck they are talking about, you have to be able trust people when they deal with YOUR semi-legal drugs, and when your name and reputation is on the line.
  10. SleepyJohn SleepyJohn

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    They did show a Clip, on National Geographic's "Marijuania Nation", That every thing There, is done like a School. You did learn Botany, but You where also tought THE Majirijuani Law. Including acting out "Entrapment", getting sold to by a Police Officer, or a DEA, or Other Narc. Lessons in Law, Life, Botony, Cival content,and disorder,are all parts of the curriculum centered. "Reaonable Doubt","Planted Evidence", it is an ongoing course,and Participants,are supposed to "go to School,and Do their Home Work!
  11. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    ONe key requirement is that you have to test "negative" by urine screens samples for D-9-THC.
  12. Privaron Privaron

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    Yeah get right on that with the armed guard and cameras you little genius you..
  13. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Unless the club is doing things "under the table" and not complying with state law, theres no reason undercover cops would be a threat. Medical mj is NOT illegal, nor is having a recommendation or selling weed to those people with recommendations from their healthcare provider. Obama has said federal raids on mmj dispensaries are going to come to and end, and that the federal government will allow states to run their mmj programs without federal interference. In light of this information, what upstanding dispensary would be fearful of undercover cops? The only places that would have anything to fear would be those places selling off-topics AND/OR selling to people lacking the proper documentation. Suchj shops only feed into the prohibitionist mindset that mmj is simply a way to "legalize pot", and rightfully SHOULD be shut down if they don't comply with the laws of the state they are in.

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