How to get weed when your a teen?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by 14AndSmoking, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. 14AndSmoking 14AndSmoking

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    Okay im 14 about to turn 15 And ive done weed snce i was 13 :/
    Usualy ive taken from my dads stash but now hes off weed.
    I live in a very small town and im like the only 1 at my high school who does drugs.
    So How do i get weed now?

    P.S People dont judge. And if your gunna say some shit like Your too young. or your gunna melt your brain then you can go lick the rim of your mom ass hole. [Mod Note: The ending of your post script was not necessary and is considered trolling. Please reread the Posting Guidelines and refrain from doing this again in the future.]

    Reply :):)
  2. Kushy Kushy

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    Someone saying "you're too young" may actually be right :shrug:
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  3. sterbo sterbo

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    Oh that a boy :rolleyes: Hell of a thing to lay on us when you come for help.
    I'd say you're one quick step from purgatory...
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  4. Raizor *3GS* Raizor *3GS*

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    1. It's not a drug. Don't listen to the government. They're liars.
    2. You don't "Do" it. You smoke it.
    3. Weed will not melt your brain. It will do nothing to your brain.

    If you're a teen. You're not the only one that smokes. Guarunteed. You sound like you'd be a freshman in high school. Start making friends with Sophomores and Juniors. They usually either have a dealer, or knows someone who knows a dealer that can get you weed without you having to go to the dealer youself. Just don't buy at school.
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  5. joshtheenabler joshtheenabler

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    Welcome to the forum 14AndSmoking...
    I should probably start off by saying this community is full of friendly stoners, with the majority being anything but judgmental, but maybe they're right about you being too young?

    It's also not very wise to tell us to do such things, man... Never put down the one's who are here to help.

    I have a hard time believing that you're really the only one who smokes weed in your high school... Maybe it's just your group of friends? If your dad was getting hooked up, someone in your town is bound to be dealing!
  6. 14AndSmoking 14AndSmoking

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    dude. Ive done alot worse than weed. PLUS i really dont consider weed being a drug. Its not addictive and like no long term effects.

    I know im young. But im a Straight A student and im planning on joining the air force. My apporoach on life is "Have as much fun as you can before you have to support yourself" And when the time comes ill be ready.
  7. CS&N CS&N

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    I'm just here to reiterate the previous posts. Not a good way to start asking questions.
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  8. Marshâ„¢ Marshâ„¢

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    He was saying that making such an immature statement as to lick a butt hole or something was portraying you to be young. I would suggest not making comments like that if you want:
    1. Respect
    2. Help
    3. Friends
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  9. 14AndSmoking 14AndSmoking

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    Everyone tysm
    But Im not being rude. I kid like that all the time

    At school i know ALOT of people and even the "Bad ass" Ones still believe weed is for satan.

    and I dont think i can find a dealer. How will i know if there a dealer? Do i just randomly ask or what?
  10. Raizor *3GS* Raizor *3GS*

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    Randomly asking will get you caught.

    You're in highschool. I read in a little pamphelet for a school on Marijuana that 1 out of 4 highschool seniors smoke weed... And that's only the ones that either admitted it or were caught... Most people would not admit it even for a survey...
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  11. Stay Negative Stay Negative

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  12. Bhikku Bhikku

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    Nice. I'm so inclined to acquiesce to your request now.

    Sorry, I'm one of those stodgy 24 year-olds who thinks there's a time and place for everything, and that time and place is college. :p
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  13. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    I would never say you're too young, but I'm not sure you're mature enough because of the way you posted. But, I've never met you in real life so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Try expanding your social circle of friends and soon enough you're going to find someone that smokes (which means they have a dealer) or someone that deals. If your dad knows you smoke, ask him for some "help". If all else fails, wait 5 days for 420.
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  14. Lukeaxx Lukeaxx

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    I don't like judging but that post was very immature...

    Even though weed is a drug (Nobody say anything, because saying it isn't is just being naive, it is a drug).

    I won't judge your age because I myself started when I was 13, but don't make immature comments like that, it won't get you any respect.

    You are in a highschool, people do drugs trust me. They just aren't open about it, possibly because they have brains.

    To get any drug, Marijuana or off-topics, you need to get to know people. There are definitely stoners, just hang out with older people in the highschool, one of them will have a contact ;)

    Good luck mate and be careful what you're doing, and don't be naive like some people are on this site. Marijuana is a drug, and marijuana does have a high potential for psychological addiction (I am pro-marijuana by the way, I just hate it when people are so naive) - the idea is responsible use, which comes with mature use and not being an idiot.

    1. Yes it is a drug. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical which has effects on your brain, therefore it is a drug. Don't be so naive mate.
    2. You do, "do" it. It just isn't general slang for the term with marijuana. Just like alot of off-topics, yes you smoke it, you also do it.Again don't be naive
    3. This ones true I suppose ;)

    Listen to this guys advice, it's good advice.
  15. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    you're in high school, if you can't find weed you're not trying hard enough. or you live in a country where weed=death sentence. judging by the fact that you aren't speaking broken english or working in a salt mine then I assume you live in america.
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  16. MrMunchies MrMunchies

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    In shepherdstown WV you can walk up to most people and just ask :D and im only 14
  17. Shellshock Shellshock

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    I highly doubt you know enough about those kids to know if they actually smoke or not. But if it's that tough for you to smoke, personally I wouldn't do it. I have at least four numbers I can call at all times, so it's not difficult. But, when you have a small town with few connects and bored police enforcement, that can be recipe for disaster. Whatever you decide to do, be careful. Definitely don't start asking random people. You'll have to figure that out for yourself man. We don't know the social conditions you live in at all.
  18. JaneIsCool JaneIsCool

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    Dude I'm around your age, I goto highschool and many of my friends don't smoke.

    I'm pretty sure kids smoke at your highschool, you just haven't realized it yet lol. What I did when I was new to smoking is ask a person who is likely to smoke and see if they have any green to sell (don't look anxious or nervous, be chill). Now I have a friend who has alot of connections, and he hooks me up with some chronic.

    tips on buying: don't buy grinded up shit (make sure you're getting bud) and always check what you're buying before you give the cash.
  19. Secs Secs

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    I don't think so.
  20. StOnEr420 StOnEr420

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    I've been smoking since my 14th birthday . 1st off I'd like to tell you , There is more people than you think in your high school that smoke. 2. Depending on the area your in I could be wrong but when i 1st got in my high school i didn't think anyone did . 3 . For me it was pretty easy just find one toker and from there he'll/she'll lead you to another person with ease. Good luck finding a dealer. I'd suggest growing if your dad doesn't mind though.

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