how to make hash oil

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    whats the easiest way to make hash oil so i can start saving money by taking dab hits
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    probably cheapest way is extract with xylol.
    it evaporates completely- you can tell by putting some of it in a glass dish and check if there's any residue at all when it's gone.
    it's highly flammable.
    also, apply no heat to speed evaporation - even 90F will destroy the fragrant volatiles, even though the stuff will still work.
    A better solvent is ethanol because it won't take any of the vegetable oil with it but that's expensive and takes forever to evaporate. I wouldn't recommend drinking it cuz I don't like liquor, but you could if you wanted.
    If you have gobs of cuttings, like from a manicure job or a bag of buds that don't meet the requirements of the dispensary and can't be sold easily, you can use butane. That's expensive and wasteful but it sure makes a great extract. Use butane that hasn't been odorized.

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