How to Make your Weed Taste Good?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Jonny Apple Weed, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Jonny Apple Weed Jonny Apple Weed

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    I heard u can put orange peels around ur plant,and when ur plant produces buds(the peels should be decomposed by now)the buds will taste like oranges?Thats just something i heard though.Anyways,i was wondering ways in which you could make ur weed taste good,im NOT talking about using papers or a certain smoking method to make it taste good,im talking how can i make the actuall weed itself taste good,no matter how u smoked it?I heard something about drops u can by from your local tobbacco shop or sumthing?Help me guys and gals,thanks.
  2. Jonny Apple Weed Jonny Apple Weed

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    And im not trying to say tha flavoring ur weed or whatever is better,cuz believe me Exotic weed/High Grade tastes good as hell,but long story short,the guy who supplies the dealers around my are in NC go busted,so the dealers have XO or doodoo lol,and i dont have enough pasos' to be buying XO everytime i smoke.So yea. How to make it taste good?????
  3. Jonny Apple Weed Jonny Apple Weed

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  4. Parker1023 Parker1023

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    If I know , I'd tell you. But I'm pretty sure while your curing it , if you put lemon peels inside the jar that your curing in , your weed will smell of lemons..
  5. Jonny Apple Weed Jonny Apple Weed

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    Thanks for the info,but im want the weed to taste good,and smell i guess.
  6. Cap'nBakes Cap'nBakes

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    if you put lemon peels in your curing jar it could over moisturize your weed
  7. chronicpainmomma chronicpainmomma

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    Wouldn't lemon peels cause mold? It would be easier to just buy a strain of seeds that has flavor. I've had cheese, cherry, pineapple and grape flavored before. All of those were different strains. Cheese was the BEST! yummy! <3
  8. joeoeoeoe joeoeoeoe

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    Botanicare makes a nutrient supplement called "Sweet," with different flavors like berry, citrus, and grape. Its supposed to get the plant to produce bud with those flavors, so if youre a grower or know a grower you can give it a try.
  9. Jonny Apple Weed Jonny Apple Weed

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    I dont have enough money to buy high grade strains everytime,im growing a plant of regular mid,and want to know how to make it taste like a certain flavor when you smoke it.
  10. four2ohh four2ohh

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    Get a big green apple and make a bowl out of it. That will make it taste awesome.

    Plus that orange peal thing can mold your weed.
  11. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    you don't flavour weed by putting oranges in the soil or anything. the flavours of your cannabis are genetic. it's all about phenotypes, (characteristics that can be observed, like smell or flavour) which are based on genetics already present in the plant (came from chromosomes,) called genotypes, and the effect the organisms environment has had on it.

    All your "flavoured" strains are strains of cannabis that have been bred selectively by growers in order to bring out these phenos. This process can be tricky, as a result alot of high quality strains we see in dispensaries or winning the cannabis cup are the result of years of effort, selecting males and females of the appropriate criteria and then pollinating the females until eventually after a few generations you've managed to breed a strain with all the qualities you're looking for.
  12. KushBandit KushBandit

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    Listen to what Buds said. Also as posted earlier, nutrient companies make products that help influence the buds taste. I use Botanicare citrus sweet and Its really bringing the citrus smell out off this OG kush I'm growing.

    Do NOT use anything when you're curing. The process is used to get even moisture content across the buds and for it to smell and taste as best as possible. Adding Orange/lemon peels will cause mold to grow and it will add more moisture to your marijuana, which you don't want.
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