How to properly smoke a bowl!

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by crackerjake, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. crackerjake crackerjake

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    Me and my group of stoners usually smoke out of bowls, although we sometimes roll joints or fatties. I've noticed something when I see them smoking out of a bowl, they're either holding down on the carb as they inhale, or they hold and release, hold and release as they inhale. I've tried the hold and release method, but I ended up getting a bunch of air, so I just hold down on the card for my whole hit. Am I doing this wrong, or is it more a matter of opinion? I tried asking my group, but they were more or less pretty vague :('

    -Thanks in advance!
  2. SixShottaJ SixShottaJ

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    inhale as u hold down the carb, build up ur hit while still inhaling and holding the carb, release the carb still inhaling .. and theres ur hit
  3. rich420 rich420

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    Hold the carb while hitting the weed. At the end of your hit, release the carb while still inhaling to rush the excess smoke in the chamber to your lungs.
  4. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    Proper way to smoke! MANY people waste weed in their bowl

    First a word on joint smoking. Don't do quick, "stabs" take a slow long drag. God it pisses me off when people do that. And 2 puff pass works great too.

    Anyways, pipe smoking:

    CORNER! Don't light the entire bowl. Leave some green for the next hit. Put the lighter in the side of the bowl, just light the side. It takes some effort, but it saves weed. And also is good to regulating your hits. You dont end up with a cougher.

    CAP! I assume your smoking with a flat sided lighter, or something upon those lines. Use the lighter to Cover the bowl between hits. It suffocates the cherried bowl,... so if you accidently light more than you could have in one hit, then it won't waste weed.

    Together with the two top ways, you can save MONSTER amounts. Like stretch your weed out 25-50% longer.
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  5. Nail I3unny Nail I3unny

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    Try to see if you can see the chamber on the individual piece (I know you can't on a lot of them). If you can see inside the chamber, you can actually watch your hit fill, and once you see that the pipe is full, you drop the carb and cover it back up. If you want more, you draw in another hit and repeat. If you're done, you don't.
  6. Plaidheart Plaidheart

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    Mondaymonkey nailed it, I just want to add, always finish off the smoke in the chamber :)
  7. Dark Dark

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    And if you don't, honestly, just blow it out of the pipe. The longer smoke sits there the more stale it gets and will taste horrible and be real harsh
  8. Dizeazed121 Dizeazed121

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    Yep. Just like 'rich420' said, You cover the carb with your finger while inhaling and taking a hit, then release your finger while still inhaling to shoot all of the smoke into your lungs. Works great I think. And yes, it majorly saves your weed if you smoke using the corners of the bowl.
  9. dirtbomb dirtbomb

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    Cornering the bowl while applying only the tip of your lighter's flame will result in some fantastic vaporizer like hits. I always take my first hit from the 11 o' clock position. Neither correct or incorrect, just a personal preference.
    Stick with a regular butane lighter (avoid Chinese cheapies) or something like an Ital wick. Jet lighters have a tendency to scorch weed and thumbs with equal ferocity.
    Covering the carb hole until you fill the chamber and releasing it to suck in the smoke is the "correct" method, but if you want to keep it covered for the full hit, no prob. As long as you clear the smoke out, it's all good.

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